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The game wasn't as close of a contest as we thought it would be, but something very positive came out of it regardless

Freshman QB shows great promise in regular season finale

It takes more than just an arm to run an offense. There are the intangibles like composure, moxie, footwork, decision making, and leadership. Those are called ‘intangibles.’ Intangibles don’t come a certain height, a certain weight, and they are generally born and not developed traits. Some coaches call these traits ‘having it.’ We hear Isaac Earl has ‘it.’ We are hearing it from someone who would know ‘it’ when he sees ‘it.’

Fletcher W. Long, KPGFootball Senior Scout

High School football is full of tomorrows. Ask any coach on any coaching staff. One has to be perpetually looking toward tomorrow.

High School football is full of tomorrows.

HB Lyon, KPGFootball’s Senior Sports Writer

Next game, next round, next year, it is a constant progression forward. Though they may have finished the regular season 4-6, and although they open on the road in Bowling Green, Kentucky Friday night against 10-0 Warren East, The Storm have so much to which to look forward.

Photo: Buchanan

It may have been hard to tell when McLean County (2A) was polishing off a 36-13 final margin against its 4A, first-District opponent. However, there was plenty about which to be encouraged.

Isaac Earl got his first meaningful PT of this, his freshman season. Earl is 5’8,” weighs just 154-pounds and has moxie oozing out every pour on his diminutive body. Did we mention the freshman part?

In spite of his stature, the freshman deadlifts 245-pounds, bench presses 185, and is on the school’s powerlifting team. Friday night, in spite of daunting circumstances, he commanded the offense sufficiently to inspire confidence in his upper-class teammates.

Earl was 12 for 18 in his limited appearance. He threw for 105-yards passing and fired a couple of picks. However, both picks were 50/50 balls where he was trying to make plays.

We were able to talk to a Central football assistant coach who wished to remain anonymous. He told KPGFootball, “Earl is a diamond in the rough. He has a strong arm and throws a pretty deep ball.”

Earl is a diamond in the rough.

Anonymous Central Assistant Football Coach

The coach didn’t stop there. He continued, “He’s shifty. We can’t give you a 40-time yet, but we can tell you the kid is ‘hard nosed,’ respectable, and extremely coachable. He’s a ‘yes sir’ kid.”

Things are looking up for The Storm. The team gets Calil McNary back, and with the right kind of offseason, he could be a premier running back on this end of the commonwealth.

The team also sees the return of Logan Rodgers. Rodgers, who is a ’24 like McNary, promises to be an All-State candidate both this year and next, again, just like McNary.

McNary gained over 1,100 yards rushing this year and scored 15-TD’s on the ground. Rodgers caught 42-passes, for close to 600-yards with 9-TD’s receiving. Those are strong numbers.

Things are looking up for The Storm.

HB Lyon

Who will be back to deliver the football to these two? Little Isaac Earl, who with an offseason of physical development is very likely to not be very little anymore.

Did we mention he is just a freshman presently? Sorry, just making sure.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT! 

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