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Logan County’s Senior LB is Leading his Cougars into Unchartered Territory

Ryland Nichols is a freaking playmaker is what he is. Every time one turns around, the guy is making another play and usually in the offensive backfield. He had a fine night against, perhaps, the best team the Cougars have played all year particularly on the road. If you would have told us Logan County was going to travel to Bowling Green, Kentucky, get down 17-0 to South Warren, and them storm back with 27-unanswered points, we would have probably thought you had gotten into your grandfather’s cough medicine. However, that is exactly what the Cougars did. Now, we are all left, commonwealth-wide, wondering if this Cougar squad might not have what it takes to win it all.

Fletcher W. Long, KPGFootball Senior Scout

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Man, gone are the days when Logan County was an easy “W.” Since Todd Adler has taken over the reigns of the Cougar program, Logan County has easily been a consistent title contender in the first district of 4A if not in 4A itself.

One guy who has shown or proven himself to be a football player is Ryland Nichols.

HB Lyon, Senior Sports Writer, KPGFootball

This year Logan, entering the upcoming playoffs, maybe a team which can go all the way. The playoff journey begins Friday night with Allen County-Scottsville visiting. The Patriots have won three (3) games all season, but played these same Cougars pretty tough to open the season, dropping a game 26-16 in the J Allen Builders Bowl in Bowling Green, Kentucky on August 19th.

Of course, August 19 was a lifetime ago. Neither of these teams are the teams which ran out on the field of play in August.

One guy who has shown or proven himself to be a football player is Ryland Nichols. Nichols is a 6’0,” 220-pound missile of a LB who spends considerable amounts of time chasing people around the offensive backfield.

Nichols, this season, has 48-tackles, 5.5 TFL’s (2nd on the team), and 4.5 QB-sacks (2nd on the team). He hasn’t hit the specialty numbers for the year of teammate Peyton Taylor (’23, OL/DL) who has 56-tackles, 13-TFL’s, and nine (9) QB-sacks, but this award is for a game and not a season anyway.

…[A] win over South Warren in Bowling Green is very significant…

HB Lyon

This past Friday night, the Cougars traveled to Bowling Green, Kentucky to play a South Warren team defending its 5A football championship won a year ago. South Warren looks to be struggling at 5-5 but they lost to Hendersonville (TN) by six, Gibson Southern (IN) by four, and Bowling Green by four so they aren’t but a handful of points away from a really fine record.

Plus, Highlands may be among the hottest teams in 5A across Kentucky presently and South Warren blew them out to open the year (49-14). The hint we are dropping (and we hope you are catching) is that a win over South Warren in Bowling Green is very significant regardless of the seasonal W-L record.

South Warren jumped out on Logan 17-0 before the Cougars put up 27-unanswered points to win the contest 27-17 and run its final regular season tally to 9-1. Nichols was splendid on the night.

Nichols had 5-tackles, but three of the tackles were behind the line of scrimmage. Nichols had 1.5-TFLs’s and 1.5 QB-sacks against the defending 5A football champions and was instrumental in his team’s hard fought victory.

Nichols had 5-tackles…1.5-TFLs’s and 1.5 QB-sacks

HB Lyon

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This is HB Lyon reporting for Kentucky Prep Gridiron reminding you that WE’RE JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT and don’t forget to SAVOR THE FLAVOR! 

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