Ethan Bednarczyk, winning the right way…

There are guys out there who succeed and you just couldn’t be happier about it. The reason you are happy for their success is because they worked so hard to attain it…nothing was given to them. Ethan Bednarczyk is one of those guys.

KPGFootball has covered Ethan a very long time. We were aware of him back when he led his middle school team to one of its finest seasons ever. We were aware of him when he was selected

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  1. One thing your article is missing is the support Ethan has received from his dedicated family who gave up lots of time, money and other resources to give “EB” such an amazing foundation. His friends. You have no idea the brothers he runs with and how they’ve rooted for each other and impacted each other’s lives. (That 8th grade season you mentioned? Check out all the core boys on that team. They’re still leading their team!) I envy the friendship those boys share.
    Coaches. From peewee league and on, he’s had good solid fundamentals coached into him. (And he’s paid attention!)
    Ethan also has a strong faith. That can’t be an accident either.
    You’re right about him doing it the right way. It’s been amazing watching him develop over the years. Proud to say I’ve had a front row seat and have announced every one of his (and the rest of that 2020 class’s) home games from 6th grade on and a few away games too! He’s class from top to bottom and deserves every accolade thrown his way. He’s South Oldham’s best kept secret. Well, he used to be! Good news travels!

    1. We were writing a feature article, not a novel. Every thing you said about his family’s dedication isn’t special to Ethan. That could literally be said about every single prospect in the country. No one person is an island unto himself. Everyone’s family gives up time, money, and other resources where the prospect is having Ethan’s level of success.

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