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'Big D,' Dalton Hoskins, '26, Leslie County, holding down the middle for the Eagles

’26 OC/MLB doing the right things to insure future success

They know a bit around the 2A Classification’s 7th-District about good center play. For our money, Evan Miller (6’3,” 275-pounds, ’24) plays as well there as about anyone in the commonwealth still playing high school football. We knew “Big E” was going to be legit before anyone else and we know the same about “Big D.” Like Big E, Big D is also one fine student (4.0 GPA).

Fletcher W. Long, Chief of the Scouting Division, KPGFootball

Centers are the captains of an offensive line at any level of play. Centers have to be smart. Dalton Hoskins sports a 4.0 GPA.

Centers have to be athletic and mobile. Dalton Hoskins plays MLB/DL on the defensive side of the football.

Centers have to be strong and Hoskins…is well ahead of…his commonwealth-wide classmates

Fletcher Long, Chief Scout

Centers have to be strong. Hoskins, just a freshman, is well ahead of most of his commonwealth-wide classmates and hard at work right this very instant.

Centers have to have physical substance. A very good example of this is Breathitt’s Evan “Big E” Miller, a guy we believe to be among the very best at the position, commonwealth-wide, and someone sure to get an AP all-state vote out of us if no one else.

Big E (Evan Miller) is 6’3,” 275-pounds and already holds several college offers. Bid D (Dalton Hoskins) is 6’0,” 230-pounds with height, length, and substance (weight) still to come on a frame no where near to finished.

Bid D (Dalton Hoskins) is 6’0,” 230-pounds with height, length, and substance

HB Lyon, Senior Sports Writer, KPGFootball

Leslie County knows something about developing quality linemen. The Eagles roster boasts one of the best offensive tackles in the Appalachias. Bradee Davidson, all 6’7,” 338-pounds of him, is a marquee lineman also headed to Saturday-play.

So we are identifying Hoskins, right now, having just finished his freshman season, as a future superstar at his positions in the ’26 graduating class. How sure are we concerning this prediction? Pretty dad-burn sure!

How can we be so sure. Simple, he fits the formula for future stardom.

First of all, he has a good frame already for where he deploys. He is 6’0,” 230-pounds with good quicks, violence at the point of attack, and balanced, shifty, and perpetually mobile feet throughout the blocking process.

Secondly, he is smart. Players with 4.0 GPA’s are the guys coaches want making the protection/blocking calls required of centers.

Thirdly, he has played very early. Hoskins manned the middle of the offensive front this year for nine (9) of the team’s 11-games. He got limited run defensively, but figures to be a “two-way” guy going forward. Hoskins playing MLBer, among his other defensive positions, stands as a testament to his mobility.

Last, he has a tremendous work ethic. Lot of football players are either resting right now or have moved on to the hardwood. Hoskins has moved on to his offseason lifting regimen.

[Hoskins] has a tremendous work ethic

HB Lyon

He is strong (for a freshman). Hoskins will be strong, powerful, and explosive as he matures. When he gets there, as for his prowess in the high school game, the sky will literally be the limit.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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