Central Kentucky Area’s Best converge on West Jessamine High today. Registration at 2PM, tryout from 3-6PM. Be there! @minguabeefjerky @PrepSpin @1776Bank @KyHighFootball #Brotherhood

We don’t like working on Sundays around the magazine. Covering middle and high school football across the commonwealth is a big undertaking which is why we are the only publication which has ever attempted it.

There are stories important enough to break our “No Sundays” rule. A Kentucky Future Stars tryout is among such stories.

Kentucky Future stars is THE PROGRAM for elite middle school talent, Grades 6-8 in the commonwealth. Kentucky Future Stars go on from the program to dominate post-season All-everything teams and gain scholarships to play at the next level.

Participation in the program is an investment. Kids who have matriculated through the program remain brothers for life and are entitled to use the hashtag, #Brotherhood on any and all social media postings. If you see a #Brotherhood on a social media post, it is either a present or former player, coach, or other family member in this very exclusive football fraternity.

Ricco Hughes and his traveling band of keen-eyed, talent evaluators will hit the field turf at West Jessamine High School‘s football field today. For those of you GPSing the location, you need to put 2101 Wilmore Road, Nicholasville, KY into the Google Maps “Direction” prompt. Registration begins at 2PM and the tryouts are from 3-6.

Kentucky Future Stars’ Director, Ricco Hughes

Future Stars Tryouts non-contact. Players should only wear cleats and shorts. Future Stars will provide a tryout t-shirt for all participants. All players are encouraged to wear a mouthpiece during tryouts. 

Tryouts are $35 per player (PAY CASH ONLY @ TRYOUT). Tryouts are based on the current school year grade.

All quarterbacks and kickers should BRING THEIR OWN BALL. They may (or not) get to use their ball. We recommend bringing one in case we have a lot tryout and don’t have enough footballs.

The 7th Grade quarterbacks will throw with a TDY (Official Middle School size ball) and the 8th Graders will throw with the (Official High School ball). Kickers need to also bring tees.

All players should bring drinking water to the tryouts. We plan to have an open concessions at each Tryout, but it’s not guaranteed.

Players will compete in a mini pro style combine, recording their times in the 40 yard dash and shuttle (5-10-5). Players will then have the opportunity to tryout at the position of their choice on both offense and defense.

ALL positions will go through a 1-on-1 period, “compete drills”. These drills can get competitive!

We remind everybody that you are trying to make a team. Kids should tryout for the position that gives them the best chance to make the team. This either may or may not be the position they play for their respective teams.

The players will be evaluated by the Future Stars Staff. They will be graded on their ability and attitude. Please note this is a state-wide, all star game.

Just because your child does not make the team, does not mean they are not a very good player. Spots are limited at each position and every great player can’t possibly make the team. There are more elite players in Kentucky than we have spots.

No player that made a previous Future Stars team is guaranteed a spot on the present team. Good luck today to all the participants!

This is HB Lyon reporting for Kentucky Prep Gridiron reminding you that WE’RE JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT! 

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