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Ronnie Mingua began experimenting with making beef jerky back in the 1990s. He shared his efforts with neighbors and friends, soon realizing he had come up with something different and superior to all other beef jerkies on the market. From these humble beginnings, Mingua Beef Jerky got its start.

Today, the Mingua Beef Jerky Company still prides itself on using its old-fashioned, all-natural recipes which offer outstanding products to customers across the nation. The recipes are a family tradition, passed down from generation to generation. 

Migua Beef Jerky uses Enviro-Pac CHU-2000 equipment to cook its meat to USDA required levels for both moist or dry operation. Mingua Beef Jerky wants you to become one of its many satisfied customers by sampling its quality hand sliced, all natural beef jerky. We know you’ll love it and come back for more, again and again.

Our recipes and our quality ingredients, hand-cut from solid pieces of beef, and never chopped or formed like other brands, make our products superior and one of a kind. That would make our products similar to this week’s Protein Packed Performer of the Week, Class of ’22, dual-threat QB, Cole Pennington from Sayre School, who is a 3-star rated prospect according to 247Sports.com, wouldn’t it? 

Like father; like son, many people contend

It is easy to gain some notoriety when you are Chad Pennington’s son. Sure, Chad Pennington was a fantastic college QB who made a living in the NFL for about 10-years which says something about his ability as a a pro too.

However, this feature isn’t about Coach Pennington, who now leads the varsity football program at Sayre School in Lexington, Kentucky. The jerky and T-shirt, this week, are going to his son, Cole, for reasons which will become clear to you as we continue along.

Cole Pennington had a terrific junior season under center. Gaining a lofty 3-star rating from a national recruiting service the likes of 247Sports.com would certainly be indicative of his having done something right.

Pennington completed nearly 73% of his passing attempts (165 for 227) for 2,051-yards in 9-games (228-passing yards a night), and threw for 27-TDs against only 4-interceptions. Don’t know for sure what QB-rating that would figure to be but there isn’t a QB around who wouldn’t be right proud of it.

Pennington also led a team, new to KHSAA varsity football competition, to a magical 8-1 finish and an 8-0 regular season work-slate. The Spartans lost in the first round to a real 1A heavyweight in Pikeville High School. The Panther’s QB, Isaac McNamee, is certainly no slouch.

Cole Pennington, the ’22 phenom, is 6′, 2.25″ tall and weighs close to 200 (198). He is a Pro-Style, drop-back passer, who, along with his Spartan teammates, was the “talk of Kentucky High School football” much of 2020.

Teams which are so new to Kentucky high school football don’t generally polish off undefeated regular seasons. Something like that occurring is a topic which will draw quite a bit of commentary. Why wouldn’t it?

The ’20 season showed the commonwealth that the Sayre Spartans are a Class 1A, District 7 team with which to be reckoned and on the rise. Players like Connor Pennington tend to bring teams around faster than what the usual progression would figure to be for a fledging program.

We thought Pennington could benefit from a bolt of protein going into his senior year after his incredible performance he rendered as a junior. We decided to ask our friends at Mingua Beef Jerky to send him some.

Join us next week as we honor another worthy player. Until then, pop some Mingua Beef Jerky in your mouth and savor the quality and flavor which sets it apart from all the competition.

Remember, our product is superior and one of a kind; just like Sayre’s Cole Pennington.

This is HB Lyon reporting for Kentucky Prep Gridiron reminding you that WE’RE JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT! 

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