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The six-foot, 205-pound RB has over 5,000 career rushing yards

Brady Hensley is committed to EKU. That isn’t all to which he is committed. He is committed to playing football at optimal levels of strength, power, explosion, and fitness. He is committed to being a role model to children and teammates alike. Hensley is everything anyone would want in a child. At year’s end, Hensley should arguably be Kentucky’s “Mr. Football” and its “Gatorade Player of the Year.

HB Lyon, Scouting Director, KPGFootball

We were contacted by Mark Chiarelli not too long ago. You may not have heard of him but Mr. Chiarelli is the Regional Director of the Gatorade Player of the Year Award.

Mr. Chiarelli’s committee was studying just who should win their award, this year, amongst Kentucky High School Football stars. He asked us for our input. We obliged.

One guy we recommended, and for whom we provided statistical support, was Lexington Christian’s Brady Hensley. There are plenty of statistically valid reasons for him to win this very prestigious award, or any award for that matter.

There are plenty of statistically valid reasons for [Hensley] to win [the Kentucky Gatorade HS POY]

Friday Night Fletch

There are physical reasons. Hensley is 6′ tall and weighs a chiseled 205-pounds. Hensley bench presses 360-pounds and reps the NFL Combine rep weight on the bench press (225-pounds) a whopping 23-times (fine strength endurance).

Hensley has been laser timed under 4.5-seconds in the 40-yard dash. Hensley’s scoring a TD every 4.7-touches this season would support his having “separation speed.”

There are production reasons. Hensley has over 5,000 career rushing yards with 0-carries as a freshman and missing 4.5-games, last year, with a severe ankle sprain. So, basically, those numbers were accumulated in 2.5-years.

Hensley has 1,930-yards through the regular season (10-games). He has rushed the football 191-times and averaged 10.2 yards per carry. Hensley has 36-rushing TDs this year alone.

Now, LCA is 2A; after all, who have they been playing? The Eagles have played five number ones this season, four of those on the road, and have beaten all but Boyle County, to whom they lost, by only nine-points, in Danville.

The Eagles have played five number ones this season, four of those on the road, and are 9-1

Friday Night Fletch

There are also citizenship reasons. Hensley aspires to be a youth minister and considers his faith to be foremost among his priorities. Coach Doug Charles, head football coach at LCA, had this to say about Hensley, “As a father of 10-kids, he checks every box of what I would aspire my own children to become.”

It’s in there!

Charles went on to say, “Should Brady be fortunate enough to be selected as Kentucky’s ’23 Gatorade Football POY, Gatorade can be assured Hensley would represent all the wonderful traits which make Gatorade’s award the most prestigious in all of Kentucky High School Football.”

Now Gatorade has a slogan. It is one of which you have heard and one particularly apropos here. “Gatorade, Is It in You?”

We are sure Brady Hensley drinks plenty of Gatorade. After all, Hensley is an athlete and one who works very hard, and sweats out plenty of electrolytes, both on the field and in the weight room.

As a father of 10-kids, [Hensley] checks every box of what I would aspire my own children to become

Doug Charles, HFC, LCA

Gatorade has been the finest sports drink, on the market, since first being created in 1965 by a team of scientists at the University of Florida College of Medicine looking to give UF’s football team a competitive advantage. We are sure Gatorade is in Hensley. There is just a ton of other fine stuff, worth celebrating, also in Hensley.

It is Hensley’s complete body of work which recommends Hensley to Gatorade or to any other governing body issuing awards to athletes. It is the man he has become which makes Hensley both ripe and entirely appropriate to receive this type of recognition.

This is Friday Night Fletch, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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