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The Tarters

’26 RB/LB a force with whom to reckon, we reckon

Daulton Tarter is the son of a coach (Steve Tarter) and really has acquitted himself very well his first two seasons of high school football. Tarter had well over a hundred stops as a freshman linebacker. This year he has taken his game to all three phases. Tarter is 5’9,” and weighs around 200-pounds. Tarter runs a 4.78-second, 40-yard dash; squats 440-pounds; bench presses 270; and power cleans 225. We could see this kid playing FB in college if the right scheme should present that opportunity. Breathitt would do very well, in round one, to keep its focus on the visitors from Brooksville and not worry too much about any upcoming trip to Ft. Mitchell, which may or may not come thereafter.

HB Lyon, Scouting Director, KPGFootball

The local golf course where I grew up playing had a terrible 12th-hole. This thing was an absolute monster.

From the back tees it was 445-yards long, was a “par 4,” and the wisp of a fairway went straight up hill and sloped severely toward the woods aligning the entire right side of the hole. If you could carry your driver far enough, the slope greatly lessened up around the 150-yard marker. However, it was a 270-plus, yard carry to crest that hill.

If you couldn’t crest the hill with the driver, the ball caromed into the woods, to the right, nearly every time. The woods were a lateral hazard.

Take a stroke, drop out into the fairway (line of flight) and you’re now hitting three (3). Better bring your “brassie.”

There were more doubles, triples, and even snowmen (8s) carded on that hole than at which one could shake a stick. It was so hard the course designer closed down the back tees and moved all the tee markers significantly forward for fear not making this modification would discourage regular and consistent play.

You can’t overcome an obstacle until you have cleared the one dead in front of you

Friday Night Fletch

What were equally bad were the six to eight holes leading up to twelve. The knowledge of having hole 12 looming out there awaiting your arrival ruined many front nines.

Players repeatedly made stupid and critical errors thinking about hole 12 lurking about like some monster in a horror movie. The dread of hole 12 was actually worse than the hole itself many times.

Beechwood is Class 2A, District 5’s, 12th hole. The dread of having to travel to Fort Mitchell to play the Tigers can be worse leading up to that game than the actual night the game gets played.

I mentioned, on a special broadcast today of Friday Night Kentucky, to Scott Fitzgerald, that I was hearing too much from Breathitt fans about their belief the Bobcats could play with, or even beat, Beechwood. Uh, better not overlook this Bracken County team headed to the Riverbank this Friday night for the first round.

Bracken County poses its own problems. The “Polar Bears” are coached by Steve Tarter. Coach Tarter came through the ranks, coaching the high school’s feeder program for nine years prior to getting the high school job. Steve has a son named Daulton Tarter. This guy is darn good at football.

Tarter is a ’26 RB/LB who is a three-phase contributor to the team’s bottom line

Friday Night Fletch

Tarter is a ’26 RB/LB who is a three-phase contributor to the team’s bottom line. Tarter leads the team in scoring with 154-points or 17.1 points per game. This year Tarter has scored 21-rushing TDs; 2-TDs receiving; 1-pick six; 1-KO return for a score; and two, two-point conversions.

Kory Combs, will draw the
assignment of containing Tarter

On defense, Tarter registered 94-stops, 17-TFLs, 3-QB sacks, 2-FFs, and 1FR he scooped up and took back 74-yards but just shy of the goal line. Tarter also tied for the club lead with 3-INTs with a 40-yard “pick-six” on his scorecard.

In nine games on offense, Tarter had 119-rushes for 1,223-yards and averaged 10.3 yard per carry. Tarter scored a TD every 5.7-rushing attempts.

Tarter wears No. 32. Breathitt better have a plan for old number 32.

Tarter is 5’9,” and weighs around 200-pounds. Tarter has a 4.0 GPA, runs a 40-yard dash in 4.78-seconds, squats 440-pounds, bench presses 270, and power cleans 225.

The Polar Bears were 6-4 this season. They will be looking to move the record to 7-4 this coming Friday Night.

As for how Breathitt will contain Tarter, we imagine Kory Combs, Breathitt’s star ’25 RB/FB/LB will likely have his eyes on number 32 wherever Tarter may align or shift. One thing is for sure, you can’t play hole 12 until you have adequately played the 11 holes leading up to hole 12. Don’t let your fear of 12 ruin what, otherwise, could have been a very fine round.

This is Friday Night Fletch, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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