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Perry County Middle's Bryson Johnson

5’10,” 180 pound ’28 RB/FB/WR/QB/P/MLB/OLB contributes in all 3 phases; takes good teams and makes them GREAT TEAMS

If I were starting a MS team and could select a single player to begin building my roster, Bryson Johnson, from Perry County Middle would be my selection. Physically and athletically, he is a mismatch in the MS game. Perry County was a very good team without him. With him, they may win the KYMSFA title.

HB Lyon, Scouting Director, KPGFootball

My father is retired from Radiology. When he was still practicing medicine, I used to love to sit in his reading room and listen to him read X-rays, MRIs, Mammograms, or whatever other study was summoned up for his dictation.

He would always end his dictation similarly. “X-ray opinion, [diagnosis]; Period. End of Dictation!

There was no equivocation whatsoever. He would make a call, that was what it was, “Period; End of Dictation.”

Bryson Johnson, No. 6

The acorn hasn’t fallen too far from its tree. Perry County Middle’s, Bryson Johnson, is the best pure football player in the 8th-grade in Kentucky, Period; End of Dictation.

Now the KYMSFA has released an all-something team. I don’t follow those guys, so I am unsure what the team even is. Bryson Johnson isn’t on it, so how legitimate can it even be?

Johnson’s not making that team has to do with his family moving over to Perry County sometime during the nominating process. We can promise you his omission has nothing to do with his play.

Johnson is 5’10,” 180-pounds. Johnson has played offensively the following positions: RB, FB, and QB (when needed there). Johnson was the MVP of the QB/WR Academy (as a WR) hosted at Centre College.

Johnson punts. Johnson plays MLB and OLB on defense.

Johnson benches 225, squats 405, and deadlifts 425. In 9-games, he has registered 102 solo tackles, forced six (6) fumbles, registered 510 yards receiving, rushed for 780-yards, and scored 12-TDs on the ground.

Johnson blocks in pass and run sets fervently, enthusiastically

Friday Night Fletch

Johnson blocks in pass and run sets fervently, enthusiastically. Guess what? He is the most lethal backfield lead blocker in the middle school game, Period, End of Dictation!

Welcome to the Jungle

Over the last two years, we have seen this kid transition from primarily a blocking and power fullback into a running back combining both speed and power. When Johnson breaks into the second level as a runner; he goes left, or he goes right, or he goes right over the top of the “would-be” tackler.

Johnson doesn’t possess a “reverse.” A lion could be crouched ready to devour him and he would still lower his shoulder and run over the top of it.

The lion maybe “King of the Jungle;” but, that lion isn’t “King of Johnson’s jungle.” The lion would be well advised to remember that.

This is the kid a high school coach wants in his program. What he adds to a program can’t be fully measured or appreciated simply by his on-field production.

Johnson is a team leader and captain at all levels. Johnson leads in the locker room and weight room. Johnson leads both in and out-of-season.

Simply put,…Johnson is the best “pure” football player in Kentucky

Friday Night Fletch

Simply put, whether he is running the football, blocking for the runner, tackling a poor unsuspecting offensive player, or even punting; Johnson is the best “pure” football player in Kentucky. Ask anyone who coaches around eastern Kentucky. Ask Mark Dixon (Perry Central’s HS head football coach).

You don’t have to ask us. We’ve already weighed-in; Period; End of Dictation.

This is Friday Night Fletch, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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  1. Awesome article. Have been privileged to see this young man play over the past 2 years. You nailed it when you said he is the best pure football player in middle school.

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