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We have no idea how many of you follow racing. There is a vehicle utilized in racing called a “pace car.”

Two way superstar!

A “pace car” was first used in the inaugural Indianapolis 500 which took place in 1911. A “pace car” is an automobile which limits the speed of competing vehicles in case of an obstruction on the track or bad weather making for dangerous weather conditions.

There is a player setting the pace along the offensive and defensive fronts in Kentucky Class 5A. This particular pace-setter actually removes obstructions when on offense and causes inclement weather for opposing offenses when playing along the opposite side of the line.

His name is Triston Cook. If you haven’t heard of him, you haven’t been following high school football in Kentucky very closely.

You might do well to write that down somewhere. You will be hearing more and more of the name as his recruitment continues to rise in temperature.

This isn’t the magazine’s first time describing the tremendous play of Woodford County’s Tristan Cook. Chances are certain it won’t be our last.

Fact is, Tristan Cook may well be the best offensive lineman in the ’23 class in the commonwealth of Kentucky. There are quite a few high-level schools who join us in this assessment.

Tristin Cook is 6-5 and weighs 310-well proportioned pounds. He sports a 3.98 GPA, is a 3 year varsity starter entering his 4th and final year, and has already made the Kentucky Sports Radio All-State football first-team in ’21.

Cook is more than just a “big-body.” He has an 81-inch wingspan, a 52″ chest, runs the 40-yard dash in 5.38-seconds and shuttles in 4.93-seconds.

Cook has a vertical leap approaching 28-inches (27.7 when last checked). Cook is equally accomplished in the weight room. Cook bench presses 315-pounds while squatting and deadlifting over five-bills respectively (Squat 505; Deadlift 510).

Matter of fact, it would be very difficult to find a weakness. We would suppose this would account for his starting from his first arrival in 9th-grade on a Class 5A roster coming off a tremendous year (13-1, dropping a 38-26 tilt in favor the of the classification’s champion, South Warren, in the semis).

We don’t know where Cook is likely to land for his college ball. We are certain he will play in college.

We have heard either Cincinnati or Eastern Kentucky, both of whom have enthusiastically offered, may be leading the pack at present. Rumors aside, there are many more D-1’s circling. Who knows where this one ultimately lands.

Till then, Cook will just keep setting the pace for line of scrimmage play and execution across Kentucky. No telling what will happen to his competition if he ever just “…turns it completely loose!”

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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