We don’t believe we are going out on much of a limb here, but we believe @Finck579905 (Peighton Finck, c/o ’23, ILB) from @CovCathFootball is set to ‘Break-out’ in ’21. @minguabeefjerky @PrepSpin @KyHighFootball @1776Bank

We were asked once whether a prospect was better served attending a large classification, premier program or a smaller program in high school? The question was centered around the principle the prospect, at the smaller program, would (more likely) be assured earlier playing time.

The conventional rule of thought among some in recruiting is a “college player” will be in the lineup sometime during his sophomore year, the earlier, the better. Getting in the lineup as a sophomore at places like Covington Catholic is hardly a “given,” regardless of how good you are.

Today’s feature is a prime example of this. Peighton Finck, almost anywhere besides where he happens to play, would have been a starter sometime over his sophomore season, if not entering it.

We don’t know if we can completely answer a question like “which one is better…” and so we generally don’t give one. There are advantages both ways.

Highlights, Peighton Finck, No. 57

When you play at Covington Catholic, and programs like it (of which there are very few in Kentucky), it may take you longer to see the field. Thorough and skilled recruiters may fairly assume the type of talent with which your competing for playing time, and the type of talent you regularly play, have both retarded your entry onto the field.

There is another advantage to playing at a Covington Catholic. Your teams and you will regularly make deep runs in the playoffs, including your being fairly assured of hitting Kroger Field over your high school tenure.

However, there are still those college recruiters who believe a player’s not seeing the field until a junior is a strike against a prospect. It depends on the school and the school’s recruiting philosophy.

Personally, we at KPGFootball believe we would covet “winners” if it were our call. We would target players who were productive, athletic, strong, powerful, and explosive and who spent their high school careers competing for championships. We would want them prepared to do the same in college when playing for our program.

We would be recruiting Peighton Finck. Finck looks poised to be a star this upcoming season.

Finck is 6-0 and weighs 200-pounds. Finck was on a 13U team which won the Rocky Top National Championship in ’18. Coupled with his high school career so far, he’s used to winning and competing for championships.

Finck carries a 3.5 GPA. He’s a winner in the classroom too. That is significant to both us and plenty of college football programs recruiting the Bluegrass.

Watching his film, he scrapes down the line effectively and pursues to the football very well with the ability to close on the ball in space. We would like to see him more explosively pursue and hit ball carriers with more violence, but some of this will occur naturally as he gets older and more mature.

He looks to have good closing speed. He is close to the type of frame college’s covet at his defensive position, which is ILB, but could use a couple more inches and 25-35 pounds, which he is very likely to get with maturation and diligent weight training habits, good nutrition, and an effective in and off-season training regimen. Again, he’s just a rising junior.

Finck played in 4-varsity ballgames as a sophomore at arguably the 5A-classification’s premier football program. That speaks well of his ability on the high school level.

Overall, we like this player. We would be surprised, at the end of the year, if he hadn’t started on defense and registered 65 or more-tackles by season’s end.

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