@TDWilson22 from @CovCathFootball has been offered already by @MT_FB and looks to be leading the ’22s at his position. There is a reason for this…and it’s a good one. @CovCathFBAlumni @mingubeefjerky @PrepSpin @1776Bank

Trevor Wilson is hard to miss on a football field. The 6-4, 230-pound bender off the edge looks like the grown man on film playing in a game he’s too physically advance to be playing.

Funny thing is, he looks like that on the pitcher’s mound too. Like so many great Kentucky high school players these days, he is a star in more than just the one sport.

In baseball, Wilson has shown out every time the club has called upon him. According to what we could find on-line, Wilson has pitched in four-ballgames in ’21, winning two. He has an ERA of 0.50 and has struck out 17-batters over his 14-innings of work.

We checked out some film of the big right-hander throwing from off the mound while participating in an outfit called “Perfect Game.” We also took that picture of the Hebron, Kentucky product while we were snooping around the page.

The kid seems to throw it very hard. He appears to be a “power pitcher” which would account for the density of strikeouts per innings pitched. We aren’t a baseball magazine. We will leave the baseball analysis to them.

We do know a little something about football and we have watched film of him playing our game. From what we can tell he is explosive off the ball with good flexibility and bend. He finds the football well and can beat a tackle around the edge or come across his face and beat him inside. He plays in the offensive, and not the defensive, backfield on the defensive side.

Offensively, we saw him work some at right tackle and some at TE. For all of you TE prospects out there, they don’t call the TE the “sixth member of the OL” for nothing. This guy can ask his old teammate from off the ’19 championship team, Michael Meyer (now at Notre Dame), but take our word for it; if you don’t block, you won’t be recruited.

This prospect blocks equally well as he runs routes and catches passes. His getting deployed at RT from time to time is a plus, not a minus.

Statistically, it bears out that Wilson may well be a DE at the next level. He has already been offered by MTSU.

The “Blue Raiders” foraged Kentucky a year ago and came away with Wilson Kelly from Boyle County. That has worked out swimmingly for the “Blue Raiders” as Wilson Kelly has pushed for a spot in the starting lineup since day one.

Trevor Wilson, over 5-games of work in ’20, still had quite the year. He had 24-tackles, 21 of which were solos. He registered 6-TFLs over the 5-games and also recorded 4-QB sacks to be a leader in both of those categories in spite of his limited work.

This is a guy playing for one of the most storied programs in Kentucky history, on one of its deepest and most talented rosters. Still, with all that talent around him, his play draws your eye right to him. Sounds to us like the kind of stuff which makes both stars and legends.

We don’t know which one he is destined to be. We’re pretty sure, if not both, than certainly one of the two.

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