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Converted WR/DB showed he could carry the mail too!

Reese Music just crushed his senior year at Betsy Layne High School in Floyd County, Kentucky. You might say his production, from the RB post and even on defense, was a virtual symphony. Still, he isn’t garnering recruiting attention and that seems a shame. This is a kid who would make a darn fine football player for a lucky college around the commonwealth. Maybe this feature will help him! We hope so.

HB Lyons, KPGFootball Scouting Division

Quick, who led the entire Bluegrass in yards per game and yards per rushing attempt? Was it Central’s Cortez Stone? Was it Daniel Thomas from Bell County? Was it Ethan Jarvis from Prestonsburg?

R. Music

All three of those are good, educated guesses. It is just that none of the three happen to be correct.

The “King of the Hill” at the RB position across Kentucky High School football this year entered the senior campaign a WR. The top yards per contest this year and yards averaged per attempt came from Floyd County’s Betsy Layne, Kentucky.

Yessir, his play was akin to an orchestra’s symphonic beatitude. His name was (and still is) Reese Music. His season was legendary.

How many times does a player on a 1A, 5-6 ball club put up such numbers? Music raced to 1,935-yards rushing in only 11-games played. Music carried the football 177-times, scored 23-rushing TD’s, while averaging 10.9-yards per rushing attempt.

Music led the ball club in scoring with 155-points. Those points came by way of 23-rushing TD’s, a kick returned for a TD, an extra-point kicked through he uprights, and 5-two-point conversions.

That is called “versatility.” That is what we know as “supreme value.”

[Reese] Music raced to 1,935-yards rushing…carried the football 177-times, scored 23-rushing TD’s, while averaging 10.9-yards per rushing attempt

KHSAA Statistical Website

He played defense too. On defense, Music registered 91-tackles, 2-FR’s, and 8-TFL’s. Music deserved All-State consideration as a defender, much less on the offensive side of the football.

Now Music made the Prep Redzone, All-State 1A first-team. Music was also selected to play in the Offense/Defense All-American Game. He was on the Coaches’ All-State team as an Honorable Mention but that has as much to do with his playing 1A football as anything else.

Fan Favorite

I am not saying the Coaches never select a 1A player to its team. I am saying it is not everyday that happens.

Reese Music is presently sitting on zero college offers. That is curious to us at the magazine. Coaches looking for strong runners who can get yards after contact and even through contact would be well advised to turn their collective gazes toward the coal country for this prize.

Till then, you can mark us down at KPGFootball as Music Lovers. Matter of fact, in a Kentucky-com poll conducted by that commonwealth-wide website, Music collected 36,685 votes for “Mr. Football,” 1A classification be damned.

If you can score 155-points for our favorite team, and average nearly 11-yards per attempt over 177-carries, we will be more than happy to name that tune! We’ll call it whatever you wish, including “Ode to Mr. Football.”

This is Fletcher Long, once again reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE! 

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