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Tay’Shaun Linton, ’24 prospect from Trigg County High, may have been WK’s most explosive football player in ’22

Tay’Shaun Linton is a fantastic athlete who help lead his high school team, this past season, to a solid 7-4 mark. The ’22 season would see the Wildcats spend many weeks within the Associated Press’s weekly top-10 in the Kentucky 3A classification. Linton is incredibly long for his 6’2″ of height and an accomplished upfield attack guy who is explosive, violent, and arrives when his team needs him most. He has an incredibly high ceiling which could see him land anywhere from mid-major, FBS, to the FCS or maybe sliding over to the NCAA D-2/NAIA level. Just where he lands is anyone’s guess. He will play in college, that much seems assured.

HB Lyon, KPGFootball Scouting Division

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KPGFootball on the quality of Mingua’s product

Linton had quite a year. Matter of fact, the lengthy, upfield, pass-rushing terror has put together a tremendous career through his junior campaign.

Linton has made the All-Western Kentucky Conference team three (3) years running and made 1st-team defense for his ’22 performance. He also was selected “Honorable Mention” All-State on the Coaches’ team.

Linton, in 11-games, had 39-tackles, nine (9)-TFL’s, and an incredible 11.5-QB sacks. For his efforts, Linton was first Kentucky-wide in sacks among 3A teams and 11th Kentucky-wide regardless of classification.

In addition to the above numbers, Linton forced a pair of fumbles, recovering one. We call that being a “statistical stat-sheet stuffer.”

Now Linton is framed out like many programs want to see its DE’s. He is 6’2,” 240-pounds, with long arms and a “high waist.” He clips off 40’s in 5.6-seconds, bench presses in the neighborhood of 275, squats a cool 420, and has an 18.1-inch vertical. His 3-Cone Drill is completed in 8.2-seconds and he broad jumps 96-inches (8-feet).

Linton…had 39-tackles, nine (9)-TFL’s, and an incredible 11.5-QB sacks in ’22

KHSAA statistical website

Looking at those numbers, his strength is where it should be, his speed, vertical explosion, and change of direction swiftness could all stand some offseason attention. That being said, you like his frame, his length, and his on-field production particularly with the lion’s share of it coming in the opponent’s backfield.

This is a kid who has an important summer/offseason ahead of him. If he comes out the other side the way we anticipate, he’s a D-1 guy all the way!

We have awarded this to Linton as we can’t fathom how any one DE/DL could ever be any more accomplished than Linton was both this past season for the Wildcats of Trigg County throughout his tenure in its lineup. On this basis, Mingua Beef Jerky and we decided this talented and accomplished ’24 DE/DL could use a bolt of protein and a sweet T-shirt. The company volunteered to send that to him, straight away.  

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