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Two way lineman has all the right measurements, can he put it together on the field in ’24?

There is no more impressive specimen along any line of scrimmage competing in the KHSAA today than ’26’s Peyton Collins from London, Kentucky. He plays at North Laurel and the Jaguars are certainly a 5A program on the “come-up,” finishing 8-5 and playing Highlands for the Regional crown a season ago. Collins is 6’7,” and weighs 280, well proportioned pounds, with an 81-inch wingspan. He’s making the rounds in the recruiting season and has been invited to an impressive list of “Junior Days,” camps and combines. At some point this kid’s play will catch up to his build. When that happens, you will see a kid among the more coveted prospects, at any position, in the commonwealth.

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London, KY: We have written about this guy before today. Matter of fact, the link to that article is above provided.

In that article we forecast “…this young big…will garner early PT this coming season.” We continued the thought with, “…you will be hearing much more both from and about him.” That article was published January 10, 2023.

Collins went on to play his sophomore season in ’23. He got three (3) games run for the Jaguars in what was a really good season for the team, though not so much for him personally.

We may have missed on the PT prediction. We don’t get them all.

However, this article here (the part of the equation we can actually control) is proof our prediction that you will be hearing more both from and about Collins appears to have been “right on the money.” Make your own way, we always say!

Collins got three (3) games of run in ’23, his sophomore season. We have heard, from reliable source, this lack of PT may be attributed to his slowly maturing into his large, long, and tall frame.

[T]here is no faking 6’7″ of height…an 81-inch, wingspan…[or] weighing [a well put together] 280-pounds

Friday Night Fletch

However, there is no faking 6’7″ of height. There is no cheap substitute for an 81-inch, wingspan. There is no substitute for weighing 280-pounds while appearing to weigh 250, which is what he weighed when we featured him in January of ’23.

Collins, still growing

Now Collins, a 3.8-GPA in January of ’23, is still carrying a 3.6 in advanced courses right now. Collins is still athletic, with “good feet,” belying his superior athleticism and being well coordinated, particularly for a young man his size who has grown as rapidly as he has.

We would point out Collins was 6’5″ when we last featured him over a year ago. We predicted he was still growing. We appear to have gotten that right.

Young bigs can take a minute to mature. However, college programs still recruit the Hell out of them because, once they come around, there is no substitute for the “other physical attributes” their frames bring to the table.

Look for this prospect to make tremendous strides this coming Fall. He needs to put in time gaining strength, bend, and explosion; but, should he, look for plenty of mid-majors to Power 5’s to notice.

This is Friday Night Fletch, once again reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE! 

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