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North Laurel's Jaguars have been showing signs of coming about of late

If you like your young prospects framed out, how does a guard/tackle prospect at 6’5,” 255 sit with you? We thought so. Peyton is a young big who got limited run over the course of his freshman season but, then again, he is playing Kentucky 5A football so that should be expected. He’s got a big offseason ahead and he needs to find the lineup this coming season at some point during the journey. We believe he will.

HB Lyon, KPGFootball Scouting Division

Peyton Collins has plenty of time to develop. After all, he just finished a freshman season which saw him log some PT but not enough to dent the season statistics.

That aside, this young player has plenty to recommend him as a future star for Coach Jason Chappell’s Jags. He has an incredible frame, especially for a young man entering the spring semester of his freshman year.

Peyton…is presently slotted at guard/tackle but figures to grow into a tackle

HB Lyon

Peyton is 6’5″ and weighs 255-pounds. The prospect who is presently slotted at G/T but figures to grow into a T, is a fine athlete who plies his wares in more than just one sport.

We have found online highlights of his playing basketball in the low post. In the video we saw, Collins posted up down low, received the entry pass very well, drop-stepped into the lane from the elbow and put up a kiss of a shot which deftly found the bottom of the basket.

Now, that tells us plenty about his football skill-set, believe it or not! His ability to post up inside tells us he understands the principles of playing with his hips sunk and using good leverage to find his way toward the basket.

His drop-stepping into the lane and toward the rim demonstrates aggression, footwork, and concentrating through contact. His deft touch around the rim in the lane demonstrates playing through contact, athleticism, coordination, power, and explosion.

These are all skills Coach Chappell will want to have him apply on the gridiron equally with its being called upon on the court. These are the skills which make him different than other 6’5″ young men who maybe don’t play high school athletics in one of the “traditional” sports.

Peyton’s deft touch around the rim…demonstrates playing through contact, athleticism, coordination, power, and explosion

Fletcher Long, Senior Sports Writer

Collins, who is 6’5,” looks thin carrying 255-pounds. We could see him hit the weights this offseason and add about 20-pounds of good weight which would really help him find the lineup and perform optimally at where he is most likely to play, which we believe will ultimately be LT.

Now, Collins carrying a 3.8 GPA in honors courses keeps him in good stead. It also gives more programs opportunities to add him to the roster in coming recruiting cycles.

We like this young big and think he will garner early PT this coming season. We also think you will be hearing much more both from and about him.

This is Fletcher Long, once again reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE! 

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