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Karson Vaught is a '27 making waves both on the field and in the offseason as he prepares for his freshman season for the Panthers

’27 two-way player will be hunting PT in ’23

Karson Vaught is a WR/CB combo guy who has been identified as one of the better ’27 prospects at either the WR post or aligned in the defensive third level. He reminds us of another ’27 we have before covered in that he is similarly built in height, weight, length, power, strength, and explosion with Hopkinsville’s Jack Whaley Long. Like Long, Vaught has an older brother who has set the pace for the younger version as Spencer Vaught, a ’22 prospect, played both of the positions forecast for his younger brother, Karson. We could see both Vaught (and Long for that matter) cracking the lineup early should they get in a little growth this coming summer.

HB Lyon, Scouting Division, KPGFootball

Karson Vaught is 5’6,” 120-pounder who has many of the same attributes as another ’27 guy who is similarly built. We posted on Facebook a video of Jack Long, ’27 from Hoptown, who weighs 115-pounds, bench pressing, rather easily, 140-pounds. You will find the video linked for your convenience.

Vaught and Long share several attributes aside from physical characteristics. Both of them are the younger brothers of former high school football stars heavily recruited by college programs.

This article is about Vaught so we will turn our focus there…

Vaught equally adept
in classroom

Karson Vaught is the younger brother of Spencer Vaught. You may or may not remember Spencer Vaught. Allow us to refresh your recollection.

Spencer Vaught was a ’22 prospect who also played at Carroll County. He was a WR/DB combo guy like little brother.

S. Vaught was the third leading rusher, second leading receiver, and second leading scorer on offense for the Panthers during the ’21 season. The elder Vaught was also the third leading tackler, among the leaders in TFL’s, and led the team in INT’s and IRNY’s (Interception Return Net Yards) with a “pick six,” the team’s lone one, to his credit.

Spencer had lots of college program interested and we would assume he matriculated to college where he now plays. We searched for the information of where he signed and couldn’t find anything but he had a lot of suitors and it would be illogical for a prospect, that sought after, to not say “yes” to one of his pursuers.

Again, we don’t know the elder Vaught is playing college ball. We would say, however, his playing at the college level would be a sound, educated guess, based on any number of logical principles.

Vaught…runs a 5-second flat 40-yard dash

Pulled from Twitter feed, @KarsonVaught

The younger Vaught, Karson (hereafter just “Vaught”), runs a 5-second flat, 40-yard dash. For those of you who don’t know, that is “flying” for an 8th-grader, as you can count on one to two hands the number of 8th-graders in Kentucky any faster than that.

There are undoubtedly some 4.9’s out there, around Kentucky, in 8th-grade but not too many. They don’t grow on trees.

Vaught is 5’6,” 120-pounds, but there is literally no telling what his dimensions might be once the ’23 fall football season commences. Vaught plays corner and WR; but, we believe, at his present stature, he would be more likely to draw some early play at corner, if the season were to start like today.

Vaught is “put together” differently than most 8th-grade kids his size. He has put in some work in the weight room and that appears obvious to the keen and experienced observer.

Vaught trains with Corey Taylor Sports Performance (“CTSP,” 11155 Bluegrass Pkwy, Louisville, KY 40299). CTSP is an elite training outfit which has steered many high school players, and even college and professional players, to the heightened performance necessary to thrive against the competition.

Vaught is “put together” differently than most 8th-grade kids…

F. Long, KPGFootball Senior Sports Writer

That seems to explain why Karson is put together the way he is. We caught up with Corey Taylor and he tells KPGFootball Vaught also plays on his Sevens (7 on 7) team.

Corey Taylor, on the record, told KPGFootball, “Karson is an athlete. He has the raw talent, desire, AND work ethic to take him to the next level. We are proud Karson numbers among the ranks of the fine athletes, Kentucky-wide, we are privileged to train.”

We believe Karson Vaught is a name the Kentucky High School football enthusiast would do well to remember going forward. The ’27’s are coming Kentucky…and they are ready to make their own mark. Vaught may want to “follow” in brother’s footsteps, but don’t be too surprised when he ends up passing him.

This is Fletcher Long, once again reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE! 

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