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Wilson, I will be stronger than you!

Colt Kelly to his older brother who plays football for MTSU’s “Blue Raiders”

Colton “Colt” Kelly is quite a specimen, especially for an 8th-grader. He is 6-0, weighs around 255-pounds, runs the 40 in 5.4 and played his middle school football for John W. Bate Middle in Danville, Kentucky.

If the name sounds familiar, it may be because he is the little brother of a college player we covered quite a bit when he was a prep, All-State football star at Boyle County High. Yes, Colt is Wilson Kelly’s little brother.

Colt has always assured big-brother he would become (one day) the stronger of the two. That will take some doing. You know how brothers compete.

Big-brother was a near 380-pound bench presser in high school and squatted over 575-pounds. “Little” Kelly has a goal of benching 400 or better and squatting 600 plus before he leaves for college. He bench presses 230 right now, and squats 330, and he hasn’t left the eighth-grade.

Colt plays offensive center (where Wilson is first-team for the Blue Raiders) and doubles at DT. We have no clue where Colt is forecast in high school. We could see him being an iron-man player or playing either offense or defense but certainly along the line of scrimmage.

Kelly will be too good to keep off the field for long. He may end up being too good to ever come out of ball games regardless of which side is on the field or how deep the roster at Boyle County High appears yearly to be.

Kelly/Battle of the Regions

Kelly hasn’t camped or combined much at all. Kelly has been selected to the Team Kentucky FBU Elite squad and has played for Region 2 in the Battle of the Regions. Kelly just helped Region 2 win the championship this past year.

Like his brother Wilson, Colton Kelly is a stud. Like his brother Wilson, Colton Kelly is among the very best players in Kentucky in his graduating class and at his positions of deployment (OC/DT). Like his brother Wilson, Colton Kelly is a future college football player and probably in Division 1, FBS or FCS.

We don’t know it all, but we can tell you this: If you are awaiting Colton Kelly’s making everyone forget about big-brother, Wilson, completely; then the young man may have a hard row to hoe. If you are hoping to see another Wilson Kelly-type patrolling the lines of scrimmage for the Boyle County Rebels over the next four seasons; well, that ain’t no hill for a stepper. After all; Colton is still a Kelly!

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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