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Storm Warning

’24 FB proven, once again, the definitive player at his position throughout Kentucky

This guy defines what one looks to field when searching for a FB at a Kentucky High School. He’s 6’2, 235-pounds, very athletic, fast, agile, able to swing out of the backfield and produce in the passing game, and a punishing lead blocker. McNary had another fine season and leaves the Storm its all-time, program, leading rusher.

HB Lyon, Scouting Director, KPGFootball

We are getting ready to begin covering the coming ’24 football season. We will shorty start amazing you with feats of strength and agility performed by next year’s stars as they go through their offseason preparations.

However, a member of the present team, who has run out of eligibility, has collected one more honor we need to memorialize. We don’t know how many of you listen to our podcast, “Friday Night Kentucky,” but we have just published our reveal show disclosing our small and large school All-State Football Teams.

Central got a player on that team. That player’s identity was “revealed” on our show to an audience numbering in the hundreds of thousands.

We are describing the Storm’s, Calil McNary. We wanted to take a brief moment to appreciate this accomplishment.

First of all, you need to know something of the “players.” The parties, putting this team together, were far from ne’er-do-wells in the world of high school football. You already know of us. What about our collaborators, NewsRadio 840 WHAS?

WHAS is an AM radio station owned by iHeartMedia, Inc. and licensed to Louisville, Kentucky. It is the oldest radio station in Kentucky, first being licensed in July of 1922, and is the ABC (American Broadcast Company) News Radio affiliate, and a really big deal in the industry.

We have been collaborating with WHAS this season on a podcast entitled “Friday Night Kentucky…”

Friday Night Fletch

We have been collaborating with WHAS this season on a podcast entitled “Friday Night Kentucky.” It is the producer of “Friday Night Kentucky,” Scott Fitzgerald, who started referring to me as “Friday Night Fletch.”

We can assure you, making an All-State team selected by the staff of KPGFootball is a big deal. Simply put, we are unparalleled in the business and more knowledgeable than any site claiming to compete with us.

Jacob Fryman, Scott County

However, even if you are inclined to think that is simply we patting ourselves on our own collective backs, we certainly must profess making any football team sponsored and revealed, on air, by NewsRadio 840 WHAS, in collaboration with KPGFootball, is absolutely monumental. On that you can wager.

Well, The Storm‘s Calil McNary can lay claim to such a boast. McNary made the Small School All-State Football team.

Now, if you missed the reveal show, do not forlorn, here is a link. Give it a listen. It is an hour long and highlights 84-players from all across Kentucky.

So how did McNary make this team? We would say by dominating the playing field on Friday nights.

McNary gained 949-yards this season in just 145-carries. That computes to over 6.5-yards, per carry, for a guy running the football right up the gut for the most part.

So how did McNary make this team…by dominating the playing field…

Friday Night Fletch

McNary rushed for 12-TDs. McNary caught the football well out of the backfield and was a punishing lead blocker and pass protector for an offense which rushed for over 2,000-yards in 10-games and threw for close to 1,200.

For you to understand just how good the described production was from that particular position (FB) you would have to know something about KHSAA football. Jacob Fryman, the Large School All-Stater at FB, had similar numbers to his Small School counter-part.

Fryman, from Scott County (5A), gained 836-yards, with 17-TDs rushing, while scoring 102-points for his squad. As you can see, Fryman, who is also a punishing lead blocker in power run sets and an anvil of a downhill guy, had very similar production to McNary while playing in two more games than Calil (Scott County was 9-3).

We want to take a moment and congratulate McNary on making this team. We also want to take a moment and show him appreciation for all he did to advance the program over the tenure of his career.

Now, on to next year…

This is Friday Night Fletch, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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