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Kylan Combs (Breathitt) and Gavin Johnson (Hazard) two of the mountain's best...Graphic: @EliteZoneShow

’27 RB/SS is a 6’0,” 170 pound dynamo of a multi-phase stud

There is a site which covers mountain players called, “The Elite Zone.” These guys published something about Kylan Combs with which we couldn’t be more in agreement. “If you don’t know Kylan Combs (Breathitt)…you will very soon!” Combs is a 6’0,” 170-pound freshman with all the tools. He plays with superior leverage, has excellent speed for his stage of development, and is an excellent powerlifter on top of everything else. We hear he has taken up grappling (wrestling) which will even further advantage him on the gridiron. Not a nicer kid in Kentucky, this guy will be among the more recruited prospects at his position throughout the commonwealth in very short order. Write this down!

HB Lyon, Scouting Director, KPGFootball

Kylan Combs Highlights

I talk with Kylan’s dad, Kenneth Shorty Combs, with some frequency. Shorty is a mountain football legend and among the better LBs the late Roy Kidd ever recruited to play for the Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) Colonels. Kylan Combs has a brother, Kory, and yes; he is both a star football player and a fairly regular feature on our site.

Graphic: The Elite Zone

Shorty tells me his two sons and he are avid listeners to our in-season, weekly high school football show, “Friday Night Kentucky.” This show emanates from News Radio 840 WHAS and is broadcast to numerous affiliates, via the Kentucky News Network, a syndication tool run and managed by the commonwealth’s largest, oldest, and most prestigious talk format.

The Combs family knows me more as “Fletcher Long,” and less as “Friday Night Fletch.” I am both of these personalities, depending on when our paths cross.

Shorty tells me, about halfway through an episode, Kylan looks at the other occupants in the car and says, “This show is about the most Fletcher Long thing I have ever heard.”

Out of the mouth of babes, The Good Book says.

Kylan Combs is exactly what he appears to be, devoid of pretense and guile

Friday Night Fletch

You see, that is the essence of Kylan Combs. If they were to remake “The Andy Griffith” show, Combs would have an excellent chance of regularly appearing. Kylan would make a fine character. I mean this as flatteringly as I intended it to sound.

Kylan is just, rather simply, exactly what you see. Combs is honest, bright, well intentioned, fantastic student and citizen, forthright. Combs is actually what he appears to be; totally devoid of either pretense or guile.

Combs is as honest as an Appalachia sunset. He’s purer than the snowfall on a mountain peak. That isn’t all…

Kylan’s a football playing savant. Additionally, if we are being frank, Combs is also as wholesome as Aunt Bee (Andy Griffith Show reference) and as Americana as a slice of homemade, apple pie.

We love Andy Griffith. We love Kylan Combs.

Combs does everything the right way. He plays with excellent leverage, runs the football attacking the line of scrimmage with body lean, and encounters would be tacklers with the same high knees required to climb stadium steps at the Mike Holcomb Athletic Complex. Combs protects the football with “text book,” high and tight, ball security.

On defense, Combs plays with sink and bend. Combs closes fast and aggressively to the football, delivers hits like he’s mad at someone all while, off the field, harboring no grudges.

Combs had 109-tackles and a TFL (as only a freshman)

KHSAA statistical website

This past season, as only a freshman, Combs was 4th on the team in rushing (160-yards) and scored three (3) rushing TDs. He was among the club leaders in scoring.

Picture, JD Fugate,
Jackson Times-Voice; highlights

Defensively, Combs had 109-tackles and a TFL. For a freshman safety, that is amazing production.

We don’t know how Combs’ frame will finish. He looks to have more length and a taller frame than his brother, Kory (’25), who is among the better linebacker’s in his graduating class (6’0,” 220).

We do know this…Kylan has a nose for the football. Kylan is going to give you an honest day’s work.

Kylan (like all the Combs family) is going to outwork virtually everybody else. Kylan Combs is going to put Breathitt in position to succeed at a very high level.

You can set your watch by this. We know all of this as assuredly as we know the sun will crest above those Appalachia mountain peaks, both this and every morning.

This is Friday Night Fletch, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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