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Our recipes and our quality ingredients, hand-cut from solid pieces of beef, are never chopped or formed like other brands, making our products superior and one of a kind. That would make our products similar to this week’s Protein Packed Performer, Class of ’23 WR/DB, Kristopher Hughes from Morganfield, Kentucky’s Union County High School, wouldn’t it? 

Photo: Scott Brown, YourSportsEdge.com

Those of you hoping for Union County to falter, with the Braves out to a 4-0 start, better not hold your breath. With the exception of a looming date with Tilghman which could decide the fate of the district seeding entering the playoffs, we could easily see Union running the table and finishing off the regular season 10-0.

We thought we might warn some of you. The Braves are for real.

There were candidates all over the commonwealth who could have won the award this week. We had guys with double-digit receptions for over a hundred receiving yards, guys with multiple interceptions, guys with three or four-hundred yards passing. We had guys with multiple tackles for loss and sacks, and guys who gained eye-popping amounts of yards from scrimmage, scoring multiple TDs.

Hughes’ performance stood out to us. There were others, even on his team, who could also have won this week. That is what happens when you trounce one of Kentucky’s highest regarded Class 2A, western powers (Murray High) 53-28. When you get the boxscore you’ll find out no one person, single-handedly, contributed to such a major triumph.

Cannon Sheffer (’23) completed 8 of his 10 throws for 179-passing yards with 2-TDS in Union County’s big effort. Sheffer also led the team in tackles with 15. 

Corithian Seales-Portee (’22) recorded 2-TDs rushing and housed a 41-yard pick-six. His performance, like that of Sheffer and Hughes, was worthy of being rewarded. 

However, we kept coming back to Kristopher Hughes (’23) and the many, many ways he contributed to the victory over Murray. Hughes caught 6-passes for 120-yards receiving with 2-TDs. Hughes also housed two (2) kick-offs, contributing the kind of plays in the all-important third phase of the game (special teams) which breaks opponents’ backs.

All told, Hughes was accountable for 30 of the team’s 53-points scored (1-TD Rushing, 2-TDs receiving, 2 TDs scored kickoff return). His efforts were instrumental in staking his team to a midway point record of 4-0 on the year.

Photo: Kevin Patton/The Henderson Gleaner

His two kickoff returns – an 82-yarder in the first quarter to answer a Murray score on the game’s opening drive and an 88-yarder in the third quarter, were particularly big and came at crucial points in the action. Hughes had a pair of touchdown catches to go along with what he did on kickoff, one for 47 yards and the other covering 22 yards.

The score he contributed by land, was a 26-yarder which staked the Braves to a 32-7 halftime lead. Basically, the least impressive thing contributed all night long was either a 22-yard TD reception or his 26-yard rushing TD he carried over the goal line to put the game out of reach for all intents and purposes.

When you are “Ho-humming” between 20 and 30-yard TD plays you’ve had quite a night. Hughes caught six passes for 120 yards. Hughes had three carries for 38 yards. Hughes totaled 173 yards on three kickoff returns. Wow, my head is spinning.

Mingua Beef Jerky enjoys distinguishing and then rewarding, publicizing, and feeding young men who lend considerable value to the team. With the play witnessed by one of “our guys” this past Friday night, we thought Kristopher Hughes could use some nourishment and maybe a sweet T-shirt!

For the T-shirt and the bolt of protein, we asked our friends at Mingua Beef Jerky to send him some. Like always, they were thrilled to oblige.

Join us next week as we honor another worthy player. Until then, pop some Mingua Beef Jerky in your mouth and savor the quality and flavor which sets it apart from all the competition. Remember, our product is superior and one of a kind; just like Union County’s Kristopher Hughes.

This is HB Lyon reporting for Kentucky Prep Gridiron reminding you that WE’RE JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT! 

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