Kentucky Coaches voted @CamHergott24 from @BHSTigerFBall its “Mr. Football.” Should he win the AP’s award too? @minguabeefjerky @PrepSpin @KyHighFootball @1776Bank

We expect the Associated Press to open its All-State nominations literally anytime. That means we will begin nominating young men for inclusion on the respective All-State teams.

Typically, the Associated Press has a first and second team All-State, a Coach of the Year, and a “Mr. Football.” There are also numerous players “Honorably Mentioned.”

I am going to warn you right now; I wouldn’t necessarily expect our selections to mirror those which have been so far promulgated. There are several reasons for that.

One reason is we are the Granddaddy of the All-State teams as ours has been continuously published longer than any other. Secondly, we are NOT going to allow national recruiting services to pick our teams for us.

We balk at giving recruiting services press credentials at football games. Why in the world would a bunch of media members just honor the players the ranking services believe to be the best “prospects.” This team is to recognize the best “players;” right now, on Friday nights. Not the ones who may, one day, be developed into prime-timers.

We have said many times, there are college prospects who dominate the game of high school football RIGHT NOW. Then there are “college prospects” who are “trust the measurables” types. They are well framed-out, but don’t do much (at least not presently) under the lights when the whistle blows and its is time to play.

There are services which forecast how you may play at the next level, regardless of how you play now. They are called “recruiting services.” If you want to know their impressions, subscribe to one of them, or to all of them, we could care less.

As a voting member of the Associated Press, we are honoring the best high school football players from all across the commonwealth of Kentucky. Some of these guys will be fantastic in college. However, we are NOT forecasting what they will be; but assessing what they were this past season.

So the coaches selected Cameron Hergott its “Mr. Football.” Will the Associated Press follow suit?

Perhaps we will. If we do, it will not be because some “ranking service” thinks well of his prospects but because of the ample statistical data supporting the position Cameron Hergott was the best high school football player in Kentucky, in any classification, during the 2020 season.

Below is a table breaking down Hergott’s qualifications. Call it his résumé if you will. Notice the year he had, how successful his teams have been with him at the controls (like winning the 2A championship this year for instance), and how much of his team’s total offensive output he either directly contributed or had a hand in generating.

The case for Cameron Hergott

Now, as you can see, there is a considerable case to be made for Cameron Hergott to win the AP’s “Mr. Football.” There is no question he will be voted to the first-team at QB on the KPGFootball ballot anyway.

There are other qualified candidates. Boyle County’s Will McDaniel and Jagger Gillis, Somerset’s Kaiya Shearon, LCA’s Drew Nieves, Franklin County’s Nick Broyles, Belfry’s Isaac Dixon, Johnson Central’s Dylan Preston, and Louisville Male’s Jaylin Bross are all fine candidates just to name a few off the top of our heads.

Who will it be ultimately? We shall see!

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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