Anderson County’s Darion Dearinger, an All-State DE by any definition (featured Photo: Melissa Klink Photography)

It is getting time to start thinking about All-State selections. When it comes to voting on the All-State team (AP), we nominate guys positionally for inclusion. What we mean by that is when the AP asks for five linemen we nominate a center, two guards, and two tackles. The way we treat it is who would we want if this mythical team were going to play a game against another team and we really, really wanted to win. When we are asked for 4 defensive linemen, for instance, we give two DEs and two interior guys for the mythical defensive line. We nominate two safeties and two corners for the back end, so on and so forth. Our criteria is a simple one, our first team player would have to be good enough to transfer anywhere in Kentucky and be first team wherever he landed at the position at which he is being nominated. With that as a working criteria, which isn’t going to change, we will feature, from now through the opening of the ballot, players we believe fit that bill. We will start with a DE from Anderson County for which there will be little to any debate.

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