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Vince Carrico is an all-state LB readying for his junior season

’25 LB looking forward to a great junior campaign

This guy is a player. He is a little shorter than some programs in college would like, but his ability to make plays from sideline to sideline warrants his being recruited a many different levels of competition. This kid could find his way on a D-1 roster and be the class’s super sleeper or he could go the small college rout and develop into an All-American-type performer. He has the grades and athletic ability to do anything he likes.

HB Lyon, Scouting Divison, KPGFootball

Those Carrico brothers can flat play football. The fact they both play for Owensboro Catholic puts Catholic back where they perennially reside, in the discussion for the Class 2A, Kentucky High School Football Chapionship picture for ’23.

This article is about “little brother,” Vincent (Vince). We are sure we will get to Tutt (’24) before too much longer (4.0 GPA, 1300 SAT, OLB/Slot, 6’0,” 200-pounds).

Vince Carrico played on both sides of the football for one of Kentucky’s premier programs at its level of play (2A, Owensboro Catholic). On offense, he completed a pass, ran for eight (8)-TD’s, caught 16-passes for 361-yards and 3-TD’s, and was second on the team in scoring with 66-points.

Were we to stop right there, you would already be impressed. However, Carrico didn’t make the Kentucky Sport Radio (KSR) All-State Football team as an offensive player. He made the team as a linebacker.

Honestly, not enough time in the day to say all the good things that need can be said about Vince [Carrico]

Lincoln Latham, Defensive Coordinator, OCHS

What are his defensive stats? Well, they are sick!

In ’22, Carrico was third (3rd), Kentucky-wide, in tackles (183). He averaged 14.1 per ball game, registered 15-TFL’s, half a QB-sack, and was among the leaders in INT’s and PBU’s.

Carrico is 5’11,” and weighs 210-pounds. Like his brother (Tutt), who is a full grade ahead, Carrico has a 4.0 GPA.

Carrico is powerful (500-pound back squat). Carrico is explosive and athletic (285-pound hang clean). Carrico is strong and can lift, over his head, incredibly heavy amounts of weight (shoulder press of 255).

Carrico was 3rd in KHSAA in tackles (183, 14.1 per game); registered 15-TFL’s; half a sack; and among the team leaders in INT’s and PBU’s

KHSAA statistical website

Now being an accomplished weight-lifter doesn’t (necessarily) make one a football player. We hear that one all the time and usually the proponent can come up with one or two examples.

Left, V. Carrico; Right, T.

However, if there has ever been a high school football player in Kentucky history who could hang clean 285-pounds while weighing 210 who was not good at football, I’ve certainly never met him. Would like to, but haven’t to date.

Carrico is a college football player. By his senior year (’25) it is frightening how good he can be.

We can see this kid landing virtually at any level, depending on what kind of college experience he wants to have and where he wants to spend it. If you were ever curious about what a HS all-state LB looks like….well, now you know.

This is Fletcher W. Long, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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