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Played freshman ball a year ago, but looks to catch on with the varsity this coming Fall

’26 WR/FS is a late bloomer but is beginning to ‘look the part’

We love his length at the magazine and he is a fine athlete especially for someone who hasn’t really stopped growing. There is no telling where this frame finishes. He played some QB for the Red Devils’ freshman squad but we see him more as a WR/FS type. He has really long arms and legs. He will be hard to throw it over, should he land at FS.

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Owensboro is among the winningest football programs in the country. Don’t hold us to this exactly, but we have the Red Devils at 795-wins, 393-losses, & 30-ties. They have played football since 1904.

Owensboro, in ’22, finished 11-3 and bowed out of the playoff, in the 5A semis, to the eventual Kentucky Champions, Frederick Douglass High. Still Douglass, which entered the Owensboro contest scoring close to 43-points a game, was held to 14 by the Red Devils’ defense.

Douglass entered the Owensboro contest scoring 43-points a game and were held to 14

KHSAA statistical website

The Devils’ knocked down the Broncos’ scoring average on the season a full two points. Of course the 2-points the Broncos held the Devils to on the night didn’t do much for the Owensboro scoring average either, if we are being completely fair.

To say it is hard to get on the field for one of the winningest programs in America, which also happens to play in Kentucky’s second largest classification (5A), may be a bit understated. That is why it shouldn’t be a surprise Xavier Maddox, as fine of a prospect as he is, didn’t find the field for the varsity in ’22, his freshman season.

Maddox, ’26, has all the “measurables” physically for a player slotted where he is forecast to play. Maddox is 5’10,” 125-pounds of “all arms and legs.” Maddox is high-waisted, long limbed, with a long narrow neck sitting on shallow shoulders.

Maddox is 15-years old. But for his height, Maddox might pass for 12.

This is no slight. This just simply means this cat is far from done growing. The taller and longer he gets, the more of a prospect he becomes.

Maddox has some other enviable numbers. Maddox has a 3.8 GPA. Maddox has what basketball enthusiasts call “handles” and a “smooth shooting stroke.” Maddox had a fine year playing freshman ball in ’22 including some film of him running the offense from the QB-slot.

The flower which blooms last blooms longest

Old Long family adage

The film tells us plenty. Maddox is fast. Maddox is elusive. Maddox is athletic and fluid. Maddox is probably not a next-level QB.

As for his ability to play WR/FS, where the Owensboro coaches forecast him playing? Well, They haven’t won nearly 800-football games in Owensboro, Kentucky being stupid or unable to align playing talent.

This is Fletcher W. Long, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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