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Abdukhadr G’lee Diaw is a '25 who earns everything and leaves a mark

’25 WR/DB wants to add to what he has so far contributed

Diaw, whose name is really hard to perpetually have to type (Abdukhadr G’lee Diaw), goes by “Gilee” around the Rebel program. We would like to use our insider’s license to refer to him similarly. No matter how he is referenced, this is a 6’1,” rangy and athletic skill-type who has uses in all three phases of a football game. We believe his usage will only expand as we go along.

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Abdukhadr G’lee Diawd is one heck of a fine, young football player with a name containing every Vowell in the alphabet and quite a few Consonants to boot. The Rebels call him “Gilee Diaw” so we will do similarly.

Abdukhadr G’lee Diaw is
leaving a mark

Gilee has a relative, Amadou, who was a rebel in the ’16 class. Amadou was a SS/RB so the two share similar builds.

Diaw is an explosive, quick, and speedy athlete. In addition to football, Diaw runs track.

In ’22, Diaw was among the leaders in tackles, PBU’s, and a number of other key defensive statistics. Diaw got run in 10-games, and as a sophomore playing 5A football, that isn’t bad at all.

Perhaps Diaw’s very best game came against Lloyd Memorial in September of ’22. Diaw was second on the team in tackles with six (6) against the Juggernauts four (4) of which were solo.

Earn everything and leave a mark

Abdukhadr G’lee Diaw, @GleeDiaw

Diaw is fond of saying “Earn everything and leave a mark.” That is what he has been busying himself doing, both earning his PT and leaving his mark.

Those around the area believe that “mark” is only going to expand by leaps and bounds. This is an athlete with the skills to contribute in all three phases of a football game.

As for next level attention, Diaw is already gaining followers from programs interested to see his development and maturation. Diaw will be a next-level guy, it just depends on the side of the football and the phase where that program believes he can most definitively “leave his mark.”

This is a guy who will explode onto the scene in ’23. This is another remember from where you first heard this type moment.

This is Fletcher W. Long, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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