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Malone, No. 31

’24 DE and pass rush specialist looks every bit the All-Stater to us!

This kid is an extraordinary talent who may not have the frame some schools covet at the position but more than makes up for it with performance. We believe this kid is an All-Stater out on that end. We’re voters, so our opinion counts.

Fletcher W. Long, Chief of the Scouting Division, KPGFootball

This is the time of year when we make recommendations to our fellow voting members in the Kentucky press corp concerning players across Kentucky who we deem to be “All-State” worthy. Be looking for other such recommendations to come from us and if you want to believe we are making known the contents of our upcoming ballot, then very well.

DeAndre Malone is a perfect example of the difference which is capable of existing between a “college prospect” and an All-State football player. In the high school game, particularly in selecting all-state players, we aren’t confined to only those players who have frames programs covet. We look more toward Friday night performance.

[I]n selecting all-state players,…we look more toward Friday night performance

HB Lyon, Senior Sports Writer, KPGFootball

This will always be the case with our ballot. Mark this down from now until the Associated Press decides to take away our vote, which we don’t see happening.

We don’t know which programs are recruiting DeAndre Malone. If the decision were up to us, we would be, because he is a darn fine football player, at any size.

Malone demonstrated as much in his recent foray onto the field in this year’s 6A title game with Bullitt East. Though the Bulldogs came up a point shy, Malone’s performance was on the money.

Malone had 7-tackles against the chargers. Malone had 2.5-TFL’s, 2-QB sacks, and forced a fumble (FF). These stats were in keeping with what he has done this entire season.

The ’24 prospect came up big all year for his Bulldogs. Malone registered 98-tackles, 13.5-TFL’s, 7-QB sacks, and 2-FF’s. Quite a season competing in Kentucky’s largest classification in a city (Louisville) containing its finest and most densely populated number of athletes and college football prospects.

Malone [in ’22] registered 98-tackles, 13.5-TFL’s, 7-QB sacks, and 2-Forced Fumbles (FF)

KHSAA Statistical Website

We don’t mean to imply by this article Malone isn’t a prospect. We see many colleges lurking among his “Twitter followers” indicating he is prominently situated on many a “wishlist.”

What we are saying is he is a first-team, All-State candidate at DE. That determination by this magazine is completely independent from what any college recruiting coach or coordinator may believe or think.

That is how we see it. That is how we will vote.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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