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Our recipes and our quality ingredients, hand-cut from solid pieces of beef, and never chopped or formed like other brands, make our products superior and one of a kind. That would make our products similar to this week’s Protein Packed Performer of the Week, Class of ’21, RB/MLB, Jalen Dunnavan from North Bullitt High School, wouldn’t it? 

This past weekend one of Kentucky’s oldest and most prestigious high-school powerlifting championships was held in Shepherdsville, Kentucky. Now the one which usually gets held in Elizabethtown, at Central Hardin, was cancelled again this year, as it was in 2020. As a result the championship, known throughout the commonwealth, as “The Kentucky High School Push/Pull (bench/dealift) Championships” is now the oldest and longest, continually running powerlifting state championship in Kentucky for high schoolers.

Dunnavan, Hudl Page

We cover the offseason stuff where football players compete and powerlifting is a very fun cover. This year’s Kentucky High School Push-Pull Championships weren’t any different.

Former Mingua Beef Jerky “Protein-packed Performer,” William L. Long, II, had quite a meet, breaking Kentucky High School records for bench press (which he eclipsed by 20-pounds) and combined-lift (bench-press and deadlift) while recording the highest bench-press at the meet, regardless of weight-class. William weighed-in at 248 and competed as a 275-pounder.

William took home his 3rd-overall State Championship in the sport. Long won the Kentucky High School Powerlifting Championships (Bench-press/Power-clean) at Central Hardin in both 2018 & 2019 (2019 being the last year it was held, prior to right now).

Hayden Canaday and Caden Sebastian also studded at the “Push-Pull Championships.” Canaday won a championship among the JV’s with a bench press of 190 and a deadlift of 330-ponds in the 132-pound weight class while Sebastain hoisted a 315-pound, state record tying bench-press in the 181-pound class. Perry County Central was Runner-up in the combined division.

Perhaps the star among stars was our recipient this week, Jalen Dunnavan. Jalen lifted in the 220-pound weight class.

All Dunnavan did was bench press 365-pounds (second best at the meet) and deadlift a meet best 665-pounds. That deadlift was a Kentucky high-school record for his weight class (besting Derek Downing’s deadlift of 560 in 2017) and broke the combined-lift meet record of 1025-pounds set in 2019 by Clay County’s Elijah Durham and the combine-lift record in the 220-pound weight class of 890 turned in by Elijah Durham when Durham was in the 220-pound class in 2018, before his moving up to 242-pounds the next season. Dunnavan lifted a combined total of 1,030-pounds.

We thought with Dunnaven, moving weight around like he did over the weekend, he might well benefit from a bolt of protein after his incredible performance he rendered at this year’s Kentucky Push-Pull Championships. We decided to ask our friends at Mingua Beef Jerky to send him some.

Join us next week as we honor another worthy player. Until then, pop some Mingua Beef Jerky in your mouth and savor the quality and flavor which sets it apart from all the competition.

Remember, our product is superior and one of a kind; just like North Bullit’s Jalen Dunnaven.

This is HB Lyon reporting for Kentucky Prep Gridiron reminding you that WE’RE JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT! 

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