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Like so many Kentucky High School programs among the elite in Kentucky, DeSales isn’t your “run of the mill” Class 3A football team. In what had to be considered a “down year” for the program, though abbreviated as it was, the Colts were 3-3 in 2020 and lost, in the first round, a squeaker to Christian Academy-Louisville, 7-3.

Griffith, Highlights

The Colts narrowly lost its season opener to LCA, 24-20, smoked both Cooper and Henry County, before losing to 6A power St. Xavier 28-7 during the regular season. One has to wonder, had the ’20 team had a full season to develop, what might have been?

They have a premier RB/LB combo guy who will be playing his senior year this coming Fall. We would like to explain a simple fact to you. He’s a stud.

David Griffith is his name and he is the 6-1, 220-pound personification of explosion, physical prowess, strength, and power. You talk about passing the eye-test…hard to imagine for what one would be looking, physically, if Griffith doesn’t fit it at either RB or LB.

We contend he’s a next-level linebacker. We contend the next-level for him is somewhere in Division I (FCS/FBS mid-major).

Now we have linked this prospect’s highlights. The highlights, blue and underlined under the above photograph, encompass 5-games. The film doesn’t include what he did in first round against CAL, but we believe you will get the picture. We did.

Griffith had 28-tackles in his limited duty. He lad the ball club in TFLs with 4. That is a quarter of the 16-made by the entire defensive unit. He had 4 QB-sacks to lead the team in that statistical category. In a unique coincidence, the team also had 16-sacks.

He’s has plus length

Griffith lists RB as his primary position. We believe his primary position is OLB.

He is the ball club’s leading returning rusher. That is the good news, but is somewhat deceptive.

Griffith only got 10-carries in 2020 and gained 95-yards with no scores. They had some kid named James Johnson hogging all the carries, yards, and rushing TDs a year ago.

Johnson has moved along. Now, it is Griffith’s time to shine in the backfield. What will he do with it?

We believe he will have a big year in the offensive backfield. Big enough for colleges to recruit him as a RB too? Perhaps, though his work at RB only accentuates a skill set which lends itself so very well to college LB.

One thing is for certain…a player who plays like him, moves like him, and looks like him, should be a household word around Bluegrass high-school football circles. Yeah, we’re working on that.

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