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Lord knows they have produced some football talent around Trigg County, Kentucky. Every heard of Al Baker? What about Robert Stinson? We could go on for days.

However it may just be time for a new superstar to emerge on the Cadiz, Kentucky scene. Who knows, it may be Jhaden time!

Coach Chris Ezell’s Wildcats are regularly producing star quality, next-level types. Jacob Wease (’23) threw for over 2,000 yards and 23-TDs in ’21 and Kelsey Parham (’23) looks like he’s poised to break the 1,000 yard rushing plateau over his senior year, if his junior numbers tell us anything.

There is one eye-popping, FBS, power-five looking prospect who’s stature and athleticism make his getting overlooked doubtful and his time to shine in upcoming years appear evident. He’s been as big of a star on the hardwood as he figures to be on the grid iron.

His name is Jhaden Vaughn. His position coach tells KPGFootball the kid is really something.

Vaughn is 6-5 with a ton of length. He has a reported 39-inch vertical and, if that is accurate, it means his speed and explosion would not be in question.

We had an opportunity to talk with his position coach at Trigg County about this prospect. His name is Coach Rusty Goble and he is a regular contributor and friend to our magazine.

He told KPGFootball that, “Jhaden only played in five (5) games because of basketball. While he joined us mid-season, Vaughn is now ate up with football. Give me this coming Summer with this guy and Vaughn will round into the next sure-hit prospect in Western Kentucky if not the entire Bluegrass.”

Vaughn had 22-receptions this past season and still led his team in the category in spite of the limited run. He had 659-yards receiving and corralled 7-TD passes.

Now there have been plenty of talent in the cupboard at Trigg County High. We named just a few earlier in this piece. However, if this kid continues along his present arch, it will be hard to not add this to the pantheon of great names which have come along before Jhaden.

It looks like it is getting to be his time. Let us assure the reader that Jhaden time seems like the perfect time to stretch a defense down the field.

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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