David Jones, Phelps High; KPGFootball’s Kentucky, High School, Coach of the Year!

Jokes have two basic components, the setup and the punch line. Back when comedy teams ruled the airwaves, be they radio or television, the “setup” guy was the role one didn’t want on a comedy team because he never got to say anything funny. His role, in the act, was appreciated only by the “comedically sophisticated.” Everyone wanted to be the guy who delivered the “punch line.” He got all the laughs.

Well, if the Phelps’ program, inherited by David Jones, was a joke (and it certainly was when he arrived, as it was getting a cornucopia of laughs) the Hornets weren’t even the punch-line but rather the set-up. In stepped Dave Jones, in 2016, and immediately the Hornet fortunes changed into a team whose slot on an opponent’s schedule wasn’t found nearly as funny as it once was.

The Phelps’ program Jones inherited had gone 1-39 over a four year period and didn’t have a home field. Three years later, the Hornets have won 14 games (4 in 16, 5 in 17, and 5 in 18) and play at a new home, Marty Casey Stadium. Jones is a builder!

Jones has also been selected District 8’s Coach of the Year in 2018 and has won Regional Coach of the Year honors by several media outlets. Not too easy to do when you are in the same District with Head Coaches, Chris MacNamee from Pikeville High and Mark Dixon from Hazard. The secret to Coach Jones’ success. Well, simply put…players want to both follow and play for him. Jones is a leader!

It is not as if he doesn’t know anything about the game either. I mean, the 2004 graduate of Belfry High School played on two State Championship teams under legendary Coach Philip Haywood before going on to star for the Kentucky Wildcats under Rich Brooks. Jones played for the Baltimore Ravens in the NFL, as well as a stint in the Arena League. After his playing career was over, and before landing at Phelps, Jones was an assistant, under coach Dudley Hilton, at UPIKE and then assisted coach Haywood during the Pirates run of Class AAA state title game appearances, according to an article which appeared in the Williamson Daily News and authored by Jarrid McCormick. Jones is both a student (of the game) and a teacher!

All of his excellent pedigree and opportunities to learn the coaching profession from mentors so very proficient at it aside, the fact the players both love and are willing to follow and play for him is still, perhaps, Jones’ most pronounced job qualification for any prospective employment opportunity. Simply put…Jones develops talent, and then places that talent into the next level, better than any other Coach in Kentucky High School football today. That is why we are proud to select this Pied Piper the Kentucky Prep Gridiron, Kentucky, High School Football Coach of the Year!

We have no doubt, wherever Coach Jones lands, and at whatever level of football, the program lucky enough to gain his services will experience the exact type ascension which so richly benefited and enriched the Phelps Hornet Football program. Why you ask? Because…Jones is a winner!

Reporting for KPGFootball, this is Fletcher Long congratulating Coach David Jones for his selection as the inaugural, KPGFootball, Kentucky High School Coach of the Year.

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