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Ronnie Mingua began experimenting with making beef jerky back in the 1990s. He shared his efforts with neighbors and friends, soon realizing he had come up with something different and superior to all other beef jerkies on the market. From these humble beginnings, Mingua Beef Jerky got its start.

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Today, the Mingua Beef Jerky Company still prides itself on using its old-fashioned, all-natural recipes which offer outstanding products to customers across the nation. The recipes are a family tradition, passed down from generation to generation. 

Migua Beef Jerky uses Enviro-Pac CHU-2000 equipment to cook its meat to USDA required levels for both moist or dry operation. Mingua Beef Jerky wants you to become one of its many satisfied customers by sampling its quality hand sliced, all natural beef jerky. We know you’ll love it and come back for more, again and again. 

Our recipes and our quality ingredients, hand-cut from solid pieces of beef and never chopped or formed like other brands, make our products superior and one of a kind. That would make our products similar to this week’s Protein Packed Performer of the Week, Darion Dearinger, TE/DE, from Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, wouldn’t it? His efforts exerted on behalf of his Anderson County football team, in its second game with Harrison County, was both superior and, virtually, one of a kind.

Not all worthy performances are expended on behalf of winning causes. We saw that last week with a performance from a quarterback approaching career marks in three different statistical categories from Hopkins County. You see it again today in a player many believe to be the very best DE in the high school ranks playing football in Kentucky today.

Darion Dearinger is a well coveted prospect who has committed to play for Marshall’s Thundering Herd. Needless to say, the staff at Marshall and we agree that is a huge pickup for their program coming from out of the Bluegrass, a fertile recruiting territory for the program through the years.

Dearinger, held or not he gets through!

Darion Dearinger‘s performance was just sick against Harrison County. What made it sicker is the fact Harrison ran it away from him all night long. Darion, with his sub 4.7-second, 40-speed was just too fast for the Thoroughbreds to avoid, unfortunately for them.

Now Anderson County lost the game. Darion will never be satisfied with a tremendous individual performance which fails to lead the team he loves to victory. He wants to win for the school. He wants to win for the teammates beside whom he has been playing these many years. That is a large part about what makes Darion Dearinger, Darion Dearinger.

While Anderson County lost to Harrison in a squeaker 25-22, none of the fault can be lain at the feet of the commonwealth’s best Defensive End in high school football. Friday night, Dearinger registered an eye-popping 19-tackles. In addition to a staggering amount of stops, Dearinger recored 4 TFLs, and 1 QB-sack. He threw in 7-QB pressures just for good measure.

Darion is a two-way player in spite of playing at the 4A level. He is devastating as a blocker too from his TE position. This isn’t a regularly kept statistic but we are told Dearinger registered what was described as “tons of pancakes” on the offensive side of the football against Harrison County.

The Bearcats of Anderson County, a district 5 team, are back at it at Lincoln County this coming Friday night. The Partriots from district 7 will be quite a test coming into the game having vanquished all of Laurel County (beat North Laurel 50-26; and South Laurel 50-36). The Anderson County Bearcats, to get this ship righted and headed in the direction Coach Mark Palmer would like to see, will need another Herculean effort from its Hercules, Darion Dearinger, at both TE and DE.

Congratulations to Darion Dearings, Class of 2021, from Anderson County High School in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky for being selected the Mingua Beef Jerky Company’s Protein-packed Performer of the Week. Join us next week as the Mingua Beef Company recognizes another, one of a kind performer.

Until then, pop some Mingua Beef Jerky in your mouth and savor the quality and flavor which sets it apart from all the competition. Remember, our product is superior and one of a kind, just like Anderson County’s Darion Dearinger.

This is HB Lyon reporting for Kentucky Prep Gridiron reminding you that WE’RE JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT! 

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