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Connor Yazell’s physical development got derailed somewhat with the injury he suffered during his sophomore season coupled with the COVID-19 related hardships effecting everyone in ’20. That injury was something he had the mental toughness to compete through over the course of his junior year but even he will admit he was too thin for where he projects to play on the college level.

Yazell, tremendous length, Jr. Highlights

Yazell is presently killing it in Bourbon’s offseason training program. Yazell has added 28-pounds of muscle mass since the end of his junior season. Yazell’s height and length are fantastic. In multiple respects, he’s exactly what colleges prize at his position (OL).

Yazell weighs 230-now and should be even thicker when Fall camp opens. His slender build may actually be a plus.

We have talked to many college OL coaches and have been told, multiple times, they will take them on the skinny side versus the other way. They tell us it is easier to just put on “good weight” than having to take off “bad weight” and then add “good weight.”

This is a prospect already in the “good weight” addition mold. He’s making considerable gains.

His coach at Bourbon County, Dave Jones, tells KPGFootball, “Connor is getting D1-interest right now. He’s a four-year starter who got hurt. He’s back full-throttle, will be a senior in ’21, and is ready to demonstrate what he can do.”

Connor has already gotten invites to some very prestigious, offseason combines like the Appalachia Prep Combine and Elite 3’s Tennessee MegaCamp. He’s already been invited to participate in the Tiki-Bowl, High School All-American Game.

“He is very long. He has great feet. We have put nearly 30-pounds on him and he is working very hard to remake his body to get ready for the next level,” Jones tells KPGFootball.

Better get ready Kentucky! You’ll be hearing plenty about this guy this coming Fall.

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