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A once proud program adding coaches who remember how it used to be...
Spread the word around 
Guess who's back in town 
Just spread the word around 
Friday night they'll be dressed to kill 

Songwriter: Philip Parris Lynott 

Boys are Back in Town, Thin Lizzy

There was a song which was among my favorites, “back in the day.” Just how far “back in the day” really is none of your business. Suffice it to say, it was quite a while ago.

LB Coach, Greg Abren, Knows
how it is supposed to look

The song is about a group of town toughs who have returned after a prolonged absence and are bent on visiting the old haunts and seeing the old gang. These guys want to bring back the old days and make life like it used to be and not how it has become.

That sounds similar to the Christian County football faithful. The Colonels have only won 10 of its previous 51-games leading into the Fall of 2024; but, it wasn’t that long ago when the Colonels were a feared and extremely successful, Kentucky program.

The program has taken some steps to return to its former glory. They have hired a head man to lead the program with a .650 career winning percentage and a penchant for building programs to prominence (Ethan Atchley). They have hired one of its all time greats, and former NFL linebacker, Tony “Cheese” McCombs, to help put Humpty-dumpty back together.

Now, the staff has added another piece. This particular piece seems to fit perfectly.

Christian County announces the retention of Greg Abren to coach its linebackers for the coming season. Abren returns to the school, and post, where he previously had tremendous success.

I am not Gas-lighting when I say, I believe…I am excited to be given this opportunity

Greg Abren

We were able to talk with Coach Abren. He told KPGFootball, “I am not Gas-lighting when I say, I believe…I am excited to be given this opportunity.”

Abren continued, “Can’t wait to get back with my guys and put in this work. We will find success sooner than many think. Football is about relationships, believing, conceiving, and achieving. We will do each of these as a community, all together, just like we were formerly accustomed to doing.”

We talked to head coach Ethan Atchley about this critical addition to his staff. He told us, “This guy is a ball coach in every good sense of that description.”

“I was aware of the program’s history. I have learned the important names which won for us that history and that reputation.”

Atchley continued, “Since first unpacking my bags, I have been attempting to put people on staff who were responsible for building this thing the first time. I believe it is important to have people the community both knows and with whom they are confident, comfortable. Coach McCombs exceeds this description. So does Coach Abren.”

Coach McCombs is as excited as anyone about this addition. “Abren is a well known and respected name in the local football community. With an Abren you get quality performance, a man plugged into the community who cares about these kids and these families as much as he cares about the quality of our on-field product. The Colonel faithful should feel great about this hire; we got better today, family.”

As we slide off towards spring ball and then as the summer workouts collision with Fall camp, and then the season; Mr. Lynott would want all of us to remember…

“…The nights are getting longer, it won’t be long/Won’t be long ’til summer comes/Now that the boys are here again..

This is Friday Night Fletch, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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