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We were reading an article published by 247Sport.com about a combine it covered a few months back (April). FBU sponsored the event and it was either two, one-day combines or one, two-day combine. I don’t remember, but it isn’t important to our point we’re making today. The combine or combines were in the Bluegrass.

8th-grade highlights

Several kids “punched their tickets” to the FBU “Top Gun” National Combine. Everyone raved about Tyler Morris’ performance (LCA). He’s killed everywhere he has gone all summer so that wasn’t a big shocker.

Then we ran across the following sentence in the article written by Andrew Ivins, “2025 linebacker James Brenden Anthony turned some heads…” We are always hearing that attributed to one player or another. “So and So turned some heads.” What does any of it mean?

Truthfully, it can mean quite a bit. We think it does here.

First of all, the combine or combines were held to identify and feature high school talent. Getting any rave at all, if you attended and were a middle-schooler, would have been pretty special. James Brenden Anthony (hereafter, “Anthony”) has yet to play a single down of high school football. He was going to have to really work hard if he were to “turn any heads” at that event.

Middle schoolers don’t generally draw ink from national recruiting sites like 247Sports.com. When it happens, it should be celebrated. Sometimes a lot of significant things can be summed up in just a few words.

Anthony’s play has also turned KPGFootball’s head. Of course, as we have before written many, many times, Team Kentucky FBU or Team Kentucky Future Stars participants are not ordinary 8th-graders, or kids for that matter. Anthony is no exception to this principal.

Anthony is 5-10 and weighs 175-pounds and plays RB and LB. Watching his film, he looks to have been blessed with excellent speed and pigeon-holing where he may play in high school isn’t so easy.

A few years ago, Pikeville Middle had anther player who reminds us of Anthony. Carson Wright was a MS athlete who possessed a very similar skill set to this particular player and, not too coincidentally, played the same offensive and defensive positions.

Anthony prominently played in Team Kentucky FBU’s run to the National Title Game and its National Runner-up finish. Anthony will prominently play into Pikeville High School’s football plans as early as this upcoming Fall.

It isn’t easy to forecast any rising freshman getting much burn playing for Pikeville High School. They may be a 1A-classification ball club but they are the preeminent program at that level of play, Kentucky-wide.

Look for Anthony to crack the starting lineup at Pikeville sometime over his freshman season. If we were betting men, we would wager it will be at linebacker.

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