Tornado Warning

June 30, 2017 Fletcher Long 0

Do any of you have any idea who Lloyd Tilghman was? Lloyd Tilghman commanded a brigade in the Vicksburg campaign and was killed by a shell at the Battle of Champion Hill where he was praised for his gallantry. Prior to his recognition for gallantry, he was the same Lloyd […]

Fort Thomas Bluebirds…singing a song…

June 29, 2017 Fletcher Long 0

Willie Nelson, a.k.a. The Red Headed Stranger, once penned a song entitled Blue Skies in which he wrote…Blue birds singin’ a song/Nothin’ but blue skies from now on…I have no idea the motivation of Shotgun Willie in writing and then cutting a huge hit with those lyrics. There are two things I do know; […]

The Shamrocks from Louisville Trinity

June 29, 2017 Fletcher Long 0

According to Wikipedia, a shamrock is a young sprig of clover used as a symbol of Ireland and, particularly, Saint Patrick, patron saint of Ireland, as a metaphor of the Holy Trinity. The Shamrock is particularly associated with the concept of being lucky. I have heard an Irish blessing, the […]

Darion Dearinger, Class of 2021, All-American DE

June 28, 2017 Fletcher Long 0

Have any of you ever been to Lawrenceburg, Kentucky? Lawrenceburg is the county seat of Anderson County which, at the taking of the last Census, had a population in the neighborhood of 21,000 or so people. Kentucky Prep Gridiron can assure you of one thing…there are a lot of schools planning trips […]

Hold that Tiger…!

June 27, 2017 Fletcher Long 2

While I am tipping the hat to top High School programs in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, it hardly seems fair that I should omit my Alma Mater, Hopkinsville High School. Hopkinsville High School is the 12th winningest program in KHSAA history, coming in with a career mark of 650-476-33. Coach Fleming […]

“Let’s give a rah for dear Old High School…”

June 27, 2017 Fletcher Long 1

Many of you will accuse me of writing this article because I am a good friend of Monty Bross, Jaylin The Boss Bross’ father and, by reputation, Mr. Male High School. Well, maybe. Regardless of the motivation, one has to admit the tradition and history of Louisville Male High School is both fascinating and […]

Salute to the Red Devils

June 27, 2017 Fletcher Long 0

Well, if you are any type of Kentucky High School Football fan, or even University of Kentucky football fan, you have to remember Mark Higgs. In a real lesson for all young ballers, it is reported that Higgs was discouraged from playing football because he was 5’7″ tall. Granted, Mark […]