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’25 WR/CB among the more versatile athletes on the western end of Kentucky

Waryn Ebelhar plays for Owensboro Catholic. Catholic is “The Little Team That Could” as we like to call them around our offices. We call them this because they get off the bus and hardly resemble (physically anyway) a team which is about to beat the Hell out of your squad regardless of the relative enrollments. There are some studs playing for Catholic. There are a few “Busters” who hit the lineup too. However, they all end up playing very well and Catholic seems to win with them. Waryn Ebelhar is a 6’0,” 165-pound stud who doubles at WR/CB in football and plays guard on the varsity basketball team.

HB Lyon, Scouting Director, KPGFootball

Waryn Ebelhar Highlights (Junior Season)

Ebelhar’s X-account

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We have been scouring the commonwealth of Kentucky in search of “versatile” athletes playing the sport of football. We have come up with an infinite number of examples spanning our great commonwealth.

We have another doozy here. Waryn Ebelhar may be the WR from Catholic from ’23 you didn’t remember being touted. After all, there was one WR who caught nearly 100-balls (William Carrico) and another who snagged 60 (Noah Rhinerson). Both of those guys have exhausted their respective eligibilities.

What about the guy who finished third on the team in receptions? What about old Waryn Ebelhar?

Waryn Ebelhar had an incredible year. Had he been playing anywhere other than where he was playing, he would have been touted for All-State consideration.

Ebelhar caught 49-footballs from his WR post. Ebelhar registered close to a 1,000-yards receiving (860-to be exact). Ebelhar caught 13-TDs and scored 80-points for his ball club. Those are eye-popping numbers.

However, the “Aces,” as Catholic is so aptly named, threw for 5,283-yards and 74-TDs in ’23 and ran for another 1,577-yards, scoring 24-TDs over the ground. Ninety-eight (98) TDs, 721-points in its 15-games, while surrendering 222, boggles one’s mind, particularly ours.

Ebelhar caught 49-footballs, registered close to a 1,000-yards receiving, and caught 13-TDs for 80-points scored in ’23

KHSAA Statistical Website

Owensboro Catholic averaged just over 48-points per game. Catholic surrendered a smidgen under 15-points per outing (14.8) making its casual “Friday Night” a complete blow-out. That (we suppose) is the recipe for a 14-1, 2A finalist. That is how one gets to there.

Ebelhar is more than just a football player. Ebelhar plays varsity basketball for Catholic.

Ebelhar averages 10.5-points per night, shoots 34.8% from the three-point stripe, and gets close to three rebounds a night (2.8). Ebelhar scored 346-points his junior year on the hardwood.

Ebelhar is what we call an “athlete” around our offices. It has been our experience athletes as productive and versatile as Waryn Ebelhar move along to the Saturday crew.

Colleges are always looking for guys like Ebelhar. We can think of quite a few right here in Kentucky who would be fortunate to gain his signature, including one right there in Owensboro.

Join us next week as we return to honor another weekly prize winner. Until then, pop some Mingua Beef Jerky in your mouth and savor the quality and flavor which sets it apart from the competition. Remember, our products are superior and one of a kind; just like Catholic’s, Waryn Ebelhar. 

This is Friday Night Fletch reporting for Kentucky Prep Gridiron and reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE. Don’t forget to SAVOR THE FLAVOR! 

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