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’27 slot looking to fulfill immense promise

We predicted Cruz Cavanaugh, in spite of being a freshman in ’23, would likely hit the lineup sometime over the course of his freshman season. It appears we missed on this prediction, though he did get in a game and did get a couple carries on which he made positive yardage. He is a very good athlete and there is roster space for him to thrive in ’24. Can he make the offseason strides this would require? We believe in him.

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Predictions are a “funny animal” in the business of KHSAA football. About this time last year, we got an insider’s tip a freshman named Cruz Cavanaugh might well crack the Storm’s lineup before the season culminated.

According to our information, he had all the requisite tools. he had been a stellar player in MS. He was 5’8,” with some length, weighed 152-pounds, and the head coach, Chris Manning, told us, “Cavanaugh is learning the ropes and catching on quickly. Cavanaugh will see some limited playing time on Friday nights this coming Fall, maybe even game one.”

Looking back with the benefit of hindsight, Cavanaugh saw action in one Friday night game, got a couple carries, and gained positive yardage. Cavanaugh is now in the midst of what should be a critical offseason, development wise, for him in his young football career.

Gone are many of the producers in ’23 who drove the team toward its seasonal goals. Here now are the “young guns” on whom the team will learn to rely.

Gone are…the producers (from 2023;…[h]ere now are the “young guns…”

Friday Night Fletch

Cavanaugh is a very athletic kid with a great frame who the program is excited to watch grow and develop. Coach Manning told KPGFootball, “Cavanaugh has a good work ethic and is willing to put in the time to make himself better. Cavanaugh has watched the older guys and learned from them. Cavanaugh is a good kid and should be one to watch in ’24. If he continues to work hard, I can’t wait to see what his future holds.”

So we find ourselves about where we did a year ago. Here is an athletic, well put together, young man who just needs a chance. The difference between this offseason and last is simply the guys who were playing ahead of Cruz have moved along and he now will be counted on to pick up the considerable slack those guys left.

Cavanaugh has his chance. His chance is right now.

Is he ready to assume this leadership position? Like we said, predictions are a dicey proposition in our business.

However, like last year, we believe. We’re willing to walk back out on that limb.

This is Friday Night Fletch, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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