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He catches the spirals, scores the points, and gets to take pictures with the pretty girls...

’27 star looks put together the right way to withstand the vigors of HS varsity football

This ’27 middle school star from the South Hopkins program figures to get run at slot receiver in the “Air-Raid” attack this coming Fall. He is well put together and looks built to withstand the pounding which naturally comes with playing HS, varsity football. We really like this kid’s upside and it is just a matter of how long it takes for his potential to be realized.

HB Lyon, Scouting Division, KPGFootball

One of our favorite things to say, when I was young, about someone looking to let their alligator mouths overload their bull-frog behinds was that the person we were discussing was “cruising for a bruising.” I wish I had been blessed with a cool given name like today’s subject.

Today, we are featuring Cruz Cavanaugh, a ’27 prospect who will play for The Storm of HCCHS. Storm opponents better not be found, “cruising for a bruising,” because Cavanaugh and his teammates will be pleased to oblige.

The first thing to notice about Cavanaugh is he passes the “eye test.” Some of you might not know just what that entails.

The “eye test” has as much to do with whom plays on Friday, or even Saturday, as anything else known to exist in and around football. Most people can’t tell you exactly what it is, other than it is someone’s “looking like a football player.”

That is pretty nebula, isn’t it? “The eye test” has the same or similar consistency as a giant cloud of dust or gas in space.

Cruz Cavanaugh is a ’27 who looks to us to “pass the eye-test.” We are providing some photographs with this feature. Look him over yourself and tell us.

Cruz Cavanaugh will start out for us working from the slot at receiver

Mike Evans, OC, HCCHS Storm

We would love to tell you about his statistics this past Fall, playing for South Hopkins Middle. Problem is…few MS programs Kentucky-wide, even tabulate and record such statistics.

We would love to provide you with some Hudl highlights. We can’t. Few MS programs even have a Hudl, much less help their players put together highlights.

We have discussed this prospect with Coach Mike Evans, OC, HCCHS. Evans told KPGFootball, “We’re pretty pumped about Cavanaugh and several other young players coming into our program. We have quite a few big-timers from ’22 returning, so how much any freshman is going to play is a dicey proposition. We expect Cavanaugh to get in the mix at slot receiver.”

Cavanaugh is listed at 5’8,” 152-pounds. That is a pretty good frame on a kid coming out of 8th-grade and likely to start out in the slot offensively.

Evans wasn’t done concerning Cavanaugh. “He’s a very athletic kid, with a great build. We are excited to watch him grow as a football player the next four (4) years.”

We were able to talk with the Head Football Coach at HCCHS about this prospect. Coach Chris Manning told KPGFootball, “Cavanaugh is learning the ropes and catching on quickly. Cavanaugh will see some limited playing time on Friday nights this coming Fall, maybe even game one.”

Manning continued, “Cavanaugh has a good work ethic and is willing to put in the time to make both the team and himself better. Cavanaugh is watching the older guys and learning from them everyday. Cavanaugh is a good kid and should be one to watch prospectively.”

“If he continues to work hard, I can’t wait to see what his future holds,” Manning concluded.

Cavanaugh has a good work ethic and is willing to put in the time to make both the team and himself better

Chris Manning, HFC at HCCHS

We believe Cavanaugh has a chance to slip into the starting lineup before the ’23 season ends. Matter of fact, Cavanaugh may have the best chance out of all the incoming frosh entering The Storm football program to see the field early.

If he keeps developing and gains some inches and pounds while gaining speed and quicks, there is no telling just which college football programs his game may bring to Morton’s Gap. Let’s just all kind of sit and watch this story develop together.

Let’s find out this Fall who, out there, is “cruising for a bruising.” Then let’s see if we can’t oblige?

This is Fletcher W. Long, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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