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McNary visiting Alabama; picture from kid's social media account uncredited

McNary goes off in leading his team to victory over 5A Muhlenberg

Calil McNary is a load. Matter of fact, you might say McNary is the ‘Mother Load’ at 6’0,” 220-pounds. He is also just a junior, so think about that as he is running through your defensive back levels, past 2nd and 3rd level defenders all hoping to survive the attempt to get him to the ground. Pretty scary, huh?

Fletcher W. Long, KPGFootball Senior Scout

The word “Mother Load,” is a defined term, believe it or not. We have used this term in relation to ’24 RB prospect Calil McNary.

Photo: Buchanan Media Co.

“Mother Load” is defined as “a principal vein of an ore or mineral.” It may also be defined as “…a rich source of something.”

Opponents of The Storm, so far this season, would tell you the 6’0,” 220-pound RB has been a principal vein of headaches. McNary has likewise been a rich source of pain for high school defenders attempting to get this runaway freight train to the ground.

We love him at KPGFootball because of everything he represents. McNary is a down-hiller, a tough guy to get to the ground, a big-bodied wrecking ball, a muscle car with a big-block engine playing chicken on a deserted road sans any intention, whatsoever, of veering off course.

You see, McNary isn’t concerned over the impending collision. In fact, he relishes the opportunity.

That seems to sum it up well. Take that, all you “classically trained journalists!”

Learn to write. The whole lot of you are boring. It is why no one reads your articles.

What isn’t the least bit boring is what McNary has been doing under the Friday night lights. McNary punished Muhlenberg last Friday night to the tune of 16-carries for 186 yards with two (2) TDs. Through three games, we have the young man with 409-yards rushing, in 55-carries, with a rushing TD per outing (3).

[Calil] McNary isn’t concerned over the impending collision. In fact, he relishes the opportunity.

KPGFootball Editorial Staff

Friday night, the young man averaged 11-yards per rushing attempt and a TD every 8th-carry. For the season, he is averaging 7.44-yards per carry.

Get this, everyone in the stadium knows he’s getting it. Isn’t that wild?

We are trying to tell you, not too subtly, that this kid is putting together a monster season so far in the 4A classification. We are either saying that or we might be trying to alert readers to the presence of a monster.

Heck, we can’t remember. We tried to tackle him the other night, as he was running past us, and one of his thighs struck us in the head. We think we may have amnesia.

Wait a minute, what were we discussing?

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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