Markezz Hightower is the @1776Bank Revolutionary Player of the Week. @MNHHS_Football @ArnettKohl @All_American_Me @MaroonAthls @minguabeefjerky @KyHighFootball @MaxPreps @kyhighs @HLpreps @PrepSpin #Brotherhood

September 30, 2022 Henry Lyon 1

Markezz Hightower is probably the best RB in Kentucky in the ’26 class. He comes from a line of RB’s we have featured and who have also won MVP in the Kentucky-Tennessee Future Stars Classic. Markezz is the little brother of Jeriah Hightower, who we covered ad nauseam when he was a prep RB for the Maroons before his moving on to play for EKU. Get on by one of our fine branches today and discover why Independence Bank’s people, products, and services have started a revolution in the Kentucky financial services industry. HB.

Zack McCoart from @FootballJCHS says look in your other hand and see what you got! @1776Bank @minguabeefjerky @zklemmeADI @KyHighFootball @HLpreps @kyhighs @MaxPreps @PrepSpin

September 29, 2022 Henry Lyon 0

We got online to write an altogether different feature than we ended up publishing. It is similar to catching a well hit line drive at a fielder’s head the fielder had little choice but to catch. Enjoy this feature about a player different from the one on whom we first intended to report. HB.

Ethan Jarvis from Prestonsburg is the @minguabeefjerky Protein-packed Performer of the week. @BlackcatFB @nsporter13 @BarstoolBlackc1 @ejarvis_18 @1776Bank @KyHighFootball @PrepSpin @MaxPreps @kyhighs @HLpreps

September 28, 2022 Henry Lyon 0

Prestonsburg was really struggling just a few seasons back. They are struggling no more. The Blackcats are rolling with some of the best talent Floyd County has seen in some time. This week’s Protein-packed Performer is proving he may well be the very best RB in the Kentucky Appalachia mountains. Don’t forget to pick up a few bags of our one-of-a-kind beef jerky products whenever you can and wherever you happen to find yourself. Also don’t forget to #savortheflavor! Enjoy this feature. HB.

RB, Ethan Gregory (’24), from North Laurel is blazing a difficult trail for future backs to follow. @NLJAGSFOOTBALL @Egregory3222 @minguabeefjerky @KyHighFootball @kyhighs @HLpreps @MaxPreps @PrepSpin @1776Bank @BoysGirls13th @CoachDerekDay

September 27, 2022 Henry Lyon 0

It is the midway point of the ’22 season. This is a junior RB we forecast would have a big year back before the season commenced. It is time for us to take stock of this prediction. Well, Gregory hasn’t let us down in the least. He is having a wonderful season and, should he keep it up, looks poised to take the Jaguars to unprecedented heights as a football program. Enjoy the feature. HB.

Checking in with one of our ‘Mr. Football’ Candidates, Kenyon Goodin from Collins High. @KenyonGoodin @EKUFootball @minguabeefjerky @PrepSpin @1776Bank @HLpreps @kyhighs @KyHighFootball @MaxPreps

September 26, 2022 Henry Lyon 0

We adorned this cat a “Mr. Football” candidate way back over nine (9) months ago. Since that crowning, Goodin hasn’t done anything but make us look rather prophetic. We decided we would check in on him half way through his senior year just to see what he was doing. What he is doing is wowing his end of Kentucky. Enjoy the feature. HB.

Centre College goes down in Angola, IN and now must ‘turn things around’ for a trip to the Bluff City. @CentreFootball @minguabeefjerky @1776Bank

September 25, 2022 Henry Lyon 0

Well, the Colonels put together 4-Quarters on Saturday, just not the brand of 4-Quarter play Centre fans were hoping to see. Saturday we saw four entire quarters of offensive ineptitude. Trine was a tough out a year ago at home in Danville, Kentucky. This year, in Angola, Indiana, there were perfectly insurmountable. We have no time for idle sympathy as in-conference opponent Rhodes College is salivating waiting for our arrival in Memphis, Tennessee October 1. We better come loaded and ready for Lynx or it could turn into a second consecutive ‘long afternoon.’ HB.

Gunnar McKinley, ’23 TE/DE, has the Centurions right in the title hunt. @GLFCA1 @centurions_fb @CenturionAD @minguabeefjerky @kyhighs @HLpreps @KyHighFootball @1776Bank @MaxPreps @PrepSpin

September 24, 2022 Henry Lyon 1

It is dad-burn frustrating from time to time to even find pictures of prospects online. So many Kentucky High School stars fly “under the radar.” This particular ’23 prospect who is framed out exactly like the colleges like doesn’t even appear to have a Twitter page or a Hudl account. We were able to pull some highlights for him from off of MaxPreps. Enjoy learning about a play for the Centurions who may be among the very best playing in the greater Louisville area this year. HB.

Josh Johnson from duPont Manual High is the @1776Bank Revolutionary Player of the Week. @_Sw1ch @Maual_Football @BlakeyAiden @LippertScouting @WKURecruiting @minguabeefjerky @kyhighs @MaxPreps @PrepSpin @KyHighFootball @HLpreps

September 23, 2022 Henry Lyon 0

Josh Johnson has long been among our favorite players in Kentucky’s ’23 class. He is a bull in a china shop type interior wrecking ball athletic enough to play from tackle out to end for the Crimsons who are being widely discovered as among Kentucky’s very finest football teams at any classification of play. Enjoy this look at a guy every defense in Kentucky would relish having deployed along the down defensive front. Get on by one of our fine branches today and discover why Independence Bank’s people, products, and services have started a revolution in the Kentucky financial services industry. HB.

Isaac Turner from Breathitt County…nothing wrong with his ‘Wheels.’ @BreathittFB @minguabeefjerky @PrepSpin @KyHighFootball @1776Bank @MaxPreps @HLpreps @kyhighs @NotBHSbarstool

September 22, 2022 Henry Lyon 3

At “KPGFootball,” we think high school fans tend to get too consumed with who is or isn’t a college recruit or prospect. Sometimes fans fail to fully appreciate the stars of the high school game, the game we have built a business on covering. Isaac “Wheels” Turner is a bright light among a pantheon of high school football stars who wow us weekly with incredible feats of physical skill often amounting to either victory or defeat for our beloved alma maters across the commonwealth of Kentucky. Let’s not forget these guys. Well, we won’t. Enjoy this feature written about a true “Friday night hero.” HB.