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The Purples should have their hands full Friday night with Boyle County. Better find a way to get the Deuce loose!

Bailey among the nation’s top dual threat QB’s particularly among ’25 prospects

Deuce has very good size for a ’25 Dual Threat QB at 6’0,” 160-pounds. This QB is a playmaker on the field. He’s a super athletic QB who also excels at basketball. 

QBHitList, largest QB recruiting football website in the country

We don’t listen to the national recruiting pundits often around KPGFootball. Kentucky is our state (commonwealth).

We cover the Bluegrass better than those guys. We usually know way more than those services.

However, QB Hit List, which has been around a while (and is very good at what they do), might have scooped us on Mr. Deuce Bailey. Who can blame us? After all, the kid is a sophomore.

We saw Bailey play at the Stadium of Champions this past weekend against Hopkinsville. Now, Hoptown (4A) seems to be struggling a little this year but there is still plenty of time to right the ship and the Tigers have opened with three (3) of the tougher teams in their respective classifications in all of Kentucky (Ballard, 6A; Mayfield, 2A; and Bowling Green Senior High, 5A). df

The Tigers now stand at 1-3 with the loss to the Purples this past Friday night. They will face the cross-town rivals, Christian County Colonels, looking to inch back toward .500 football and respectability.

All of that aside, it doesn’t matter how you play the first half of any season. Wait until the playoffs. Turn it on when it matters.

Back to the game against Hopkinsville High; Bailey was electric against the Tigers. Deuce completed 17 of his 32 passing attempts for 278-yards passing and 3-TDs. He was the Purples’ leading rusher too, with 61-yards on the night on 8-carries with a TD.

His Hoptown performance comported with what he had been doing all year for the 4-0 Bowling Green football team. Entering this coming Friday night, Deuce Bailey has completed 57 of his 91-passing attempts for 753-yards passing and 8-TDs to the one INT. He has rushed for 124-yards from scrimmage and two (2) TD’s on only 23-carries.

The experts down at QB Hit List have been very effusive with its praise regarding Bailey. Heck, they have him the 51st best, dual-threat QB in the nation, at least among ’25’s.

[Deuce Bailey] can deliver high velocity throws within tight windows of space…

QB Hit List

“[Deuce Bailey] can deliver high velocity throws within tight windows of space…[he’s] able to generate increased momentum with full extension. A very athletic QB who can take over a game at any moment,” QB Hit List published on its site. Yeah, we’ve seen that take over the game stuff; and so have the Tigers from Hopkinsville.

…can take over a game at any moment…

QB Hit List about Deuce Bailey

We will see what Deuce Bailey is all about when Boyle County comes calling in Bowling Green this coming Friday night. Bailey and his teammates would be wise to take this game against the defending 4A, back to back, state football champions very seriously. That ain’t the Tigers over on that other sideline tonight fellows.

That aside, and while Boyle County is undoubtedly a tougher draw than Hopkinsville, the Tigers have loads of athletic talent up and down its roster. Bailey’s bursting loose on Hoptown, and running around the field like a man possessed last Friday night, does bode well for what he might do to the Rebels defense upcoming.

At least, that is the thought. Yessir, the Deuce was loose last Friday night in Hopkinsville. Can Bailey do it again and against tougher opposition? If the Purples want to see 5-0 on the season, he better.

Of course, that is why we play this game under the lights and on the field. Isn’t that the case?

This is Coach HB Lyon, reporting for KPGFootball, and we’re JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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