This Week’s Meeks and Meeks Attorneys Montgomery County Player of the Week is Hopkinsville’s Reece Jesse, Jr.

July 20, 2019 Fletcher Long 0

We know, we know, Hopkinsville is in Christian County, Kentucky and not Montgomery County, Tennessee. However the two towns, just a few miles apart, have been growing toward each other for years and the way the two are developing as cities they are bound to merge before too long. Regardless, Hopkinsville and Clarksville residents have always considered the two cities the same metropolitan area and countless numbers of the one city’s residents live in the one and work in the other. Enjoy this feature on the hottest WR prospect currently in Kentucky anywhere outside of the mountains and Louisville, Reece Jesse, Jr. This is brought to you by your friends and neighbors, Meeks and Meeks Attorney’s in Clarksville, Tennessee where, if you have a problem, they have the solution.

The AFI-KPG Freshmen All-State Defensive Backs

December 3, 2017 Fletcher Long 0

We are getting to the end of the features for the players selected to the AFI-KPG All-State Freshman Football Team. Today, we will feature the players we selected in the back four of our fictional defense by featuring the defensive backs, be they corners or be they safeties. When judging corners the […]

Clayton’s Cubbies are growing scarier and scarier…

November 11, 2017 Fletcher Long 0

Etymology is the study of the origin of words. That definition of etymology may not be completely accurate but the gist is basically on target. It was one of my favorite subjects in College as my undergraduate degree was in English/Creative Writing and, as free-spirited and permissive as Universities tend to […]

EJ Austin now a “Townsman of a Stiller Town”

October 8, 2017 Fletcher Long 4

Hoptown’s Tigers lay to rest its brightest young football star…a town left in mourning I was not there when Elijah was Christened with the name of one of the most famous of all of God’s servants. I can only imagine he was so named in reference to the Elijah whose story […]

Hopkinsville opens 0-2 but what does it mean?

August 28, 2017 Fletcher Long 0

  Well you had to see this coming. Hopkinsville lost 4 out of 5 of its starting offensive line from last year’s 10-2 team and the fifth elected not to play before the team got out of Summer drills. Hopkinsville’s two most potent offensive weapons, Jalen Johnson and Steven Cager, […]

Connor Lackey, Class of 2020, OLB

August 20, 2017 Fletcher Long 0

Coach Clayton has referred to his present HHS Varsity Football Team as the best JV team in Kentucky. With 2020 kids dotting the starting line-up on both sides of the ball, and a few 2021 kids either starting or contributing, well…you get the point. The Tigers went on the road against […]