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I know how much mothers and grandmothers love their babies. We almost called Devin Lee, from Murray High, a “monster” but we have just immediately celebrated Mother’s Day. We don’t want this cat, or his mother and grandmother, head-hunting us.

With all due respect to all the matriarchs in the Lee family, y’all have raised a monster; at least on the football field. Off the field, we are sure he is a great guy, or we hear that is the case. On the field, well that is a whole other matter.

First of all, watch these highlights. Yeah, they also terrified us.

This Lee kid has some wheels. He can’t be blocked. He’s too quick for linemen at the 2A, high-school level. He looks really fast, on top of his being quick.

“Run for your life, it’s Devin Lee,” highlights

Yeah, we were impressed with all the plays behind the line and the ball carrier folding hits, but there is a play on his highlights where he chases a ball 40 or so yards clear down the field from behind.

The closing speed and burst he demonstrated just to arrive was breathtaking. The ball carrier he caught was scoring if Lee doesn’t run him down from behind on the play.

Lee was smart to include that play among his highlights. Highlights need to show college coaches skill-sets and other characteristics in high demand. On that play Lee showed heart, speed, determination, and an unwillingness to ever surrender. I promise you college coaches have already circled the play.

Lee had some super stats in ’20. Of course, doubling him was out of the question as Murray also had superstar, Sebastian Lawrence, along its defensive front in ’20. Do you suppose that is how they beat mighty Mayfield in the district round and Owensboro Catholic in the Regional Finals to advance to the Semis?

In 12-games a year ago, Lee had 63-tackles from his DE spot. He recorded 17-TFLs for second on the team to Lawrence, and was seventh in the state, and first on his team, in QB-sacks with 7.5.

He was credited with forcing a single fumble. The highlights we saw evinced his hitting people so hard we can’t even imagine how some of these guys didn’t fumble.

Lee is listed at 6-0, 240-pounds. He looks to have above-average length in his arms and legs as we thought we were watching a significantly taller player when doing our film study. He reports playing both guard and FB as offensive positions. He is plenty fast. If we were told he runs a forty in the high 4.6s to the mid-4.7s we wouldn’t blink.

This graphic was published by Murray in 2020 to celebrate Lee’s being among the KHSAA leaders in QB-sacks

This is a kid a school should just take a chance on offering whether or not he fits the program’s “measurables” table. In my day, this kid was a FCS/mid-major FBS take all day long and twice on Sundays.

We don’t know where the recruiters see him, some will balk at his height. No one will balk at his production, quickness, speed, explosion, strength or power. I have seen kids signed to Power 5s with film not even close to as good as his.

From everything we have seen, this is a grown man playing a child’s sport. There is a saying that before you should worry about being “next-level” make sure you dominate the level you’re presently playing. Check! He’s definitely doing that.

If I am coaching any level below D-I, and should he slide to my level because of “measurables,” I would absolutely break the bank to get this guy signed with my school. I would find every dollar under every tree on campus, collect all the academic money one can possibly muster to give this kid whatever he needs to come play for me.

Devin Lee would very likely change a program’s entire trajectory with what he can do. He could put a program in title contention and pretty dad-burn fast.

This is HB Lyon reporting for Kentucky Prep Gridiron reminding you that WE’RE JUST CALLING IT LIKE WE SEE IT!

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