New CCHS Coach, Ethan Atchley, will NOT find the cupboard barren, not while there are some [Jimmarion] Byrd[s] flying around @CoachAtchley @ColonelFootball @1776Bank @minguabeefjerky @840WHAS

Jimmarion Byrd (No. 45) is a "Dude."

’26 DE,LB a proficient grappler on top of it all

Jimmarion Byrd is a ’26 kid who played quite a lot in his sophomore year in spite of playing at a 6A program. Byrd has a good frame, at 6’1,” 200-pounds, and wrestles at 182, which isn’t much of an obstacle in the cutting/gaining weight game wrestling generally requires. Byrd is a linebacker/edge guy whose skills probably best relate to rushing the passer. Mark down this name. This is one of those Coach Atch will make a huge difference in the life of this player types.

HB Lyon, Scouting Director, KPGFootball

We attended Coach Ethan Atchley’s press conference and we got to hear him address the team. Pretty easy to see why he has met with success everywhere he’s been.

Jimmarion Byrd, ’26

As I looked out among the players who attended his remarks, I saw “Dudes,” or guys with whom coaches have been winning for years and years, sitting out amongst the returning roster. One of those “Dudes” was Jimmarion Byrd.

First of all, one needs to know the definition of a “Dude.” A “Dude” is a guy who is framed out, powerful, explosive, and strong as Hell. He is a guy on whose back championships are won. He is the cornerstone of a football team, especially a high school football team.

He has a thick neck, a squatter’s physique, thick legs, and hard ankles. A roster full of them and the team is assured a long, deep incursion into the playoffs at season’s end.

Byrd registered 19-tackles, a TFL, and a QB-sack

KHSAA statistical website

The opposite of a “Dude” is a “Buster.” “Busters” are funny looking guys who have spent little to no time in the weight room and usually get the “mustard colored” practice pants with the snap-in hip and butt pads.

Football coaches get excited when they look out among a group of players and see “Dudes” looking back at them. There were some “Dudes” at Atchley’s introductory press conference, more than I was expecting to see from a 2-9 football team.

As we insinuated, Byrd is a “Dude.” Byrd is 6’1,” and weighs 200-pounds in football season and 182 when he wrestles. Byrd is listed as a TE/DE on the roster but played MLB/DE for the most part his sophomore season.

Byrd registered 19-tackles, a TFL, and a QB-sack. We couldn’t find where he was targeted on offense or even played at TE. We would expect that to change.

Byrd is a quality athlete. Matter of fact, he is an athlete it will likely be hard to “sit.”

Atchley can win at CCHS. He can turn that program right ways up faster than many of you can even fathom.

To do it he will need a good amount of “Dudes.” A few more Byrds wouldn’t hurt either.

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