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Christian County Colonels-No strangers to "Big Linemen"

’28 hulking lineman is 6’6,” 310, with a seven-foot wing span, & boundless potential

Devin Clayton is an impressive specimen. We are finding him early too, like way before any other publication in the Bluegrass. After this article publishes, recruiters will be ringing our phones off the hook. Clayton reports being 6’6,” 310-pounds. He’s a good 310 in that it appears to be 270-280. Translation; there is nothing soft about this young prospect. Clayton is raw; but, he will be playing his high school ball for one of the best in the business at developing talent and building programs-Coach Ethan Atchley. Monitor this guy, you might write his name down right now. C-L-A-Y-T-O-N!

HB Lyon, Scouting Director, KPGFootball

Atchley will NOT find the cupboard barren…

We have always prided ourselves in the provision of the most timely and accurate information about either the middle school or high school football game. This information encompasses coaching hires, player progressions, team prognostications, and the like.

If there is a kid out there, in Kentucky, and he figures to develop into a big-time, college prospect; you can bet we will know about him before you. With this article we are announcing, for the first time, that there will be a new addition to the top prospects’ list for the graduating class of 2028; along the line of scrimmage, particularly, and overall, generally.

Matter of fact, this particular prospect will debut on the top linemen’s list at the very pinnacle, Kentucky-wide. I took a picture with the young man, as my physical dimensions are widely known, just to accentuate his massiveness.

I am in the outfit which befits a 55-year old man to the right of the above photograph. I am 6’3,” tall and I weigh an amount I will not disclose; but easily exceeding three-bills.

His frame doesn’t look finished…he is very likely to get…taller…certainly will get thicker

Friday Night Fletch

The young man in the photograph with me, Devin Clayton, is a ’28 prospect from CCHS and is easily three inches taller than I, if not four. He has a long neck, narrow shoulders (relatively), and really long appendages (arms and legs).

Coach Ethan Atchley, talent developer
& program builder

His frame doesn’t look finished to us. We believe he is very likely to get even taller. He certainly will get thicker.

We would put his reach at the 81-83-inch range. We also project he probably isn’t done growing.

Now we came upon this kid at an interest meeting at Christian County High for the kids (and their parents) desiring to playing football. We patted this kid on the shoulder a few times, shook his hand, and we can tell you he doesn’t have anything “soft” about him.

We talked to Clayton. Clayton told KPGFootball he played nose guard in middle school and much prefers the defensive line to the offensive line. That would be in line (pardon the pun) with about every kid in the Bluegrass.

That being said, this kid is a future left, offensive tackle because of his height, length, and coordination. He will probably play both ways in high school, even at a 6A school, but he shouldn’t fight against being deployed along the offensive line.

He’s perfectly built for it. Besides that, Left Tackle (OL) is the second highest paid position in the NFL (behind only QB). Just saying…

This is Friday Night Fletch, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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