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Here come the Colonels! Photo: Cindy Dougherty,

’26 rangy, lengthy WR embraces new, but familiar role

Aiden Jesse is a long, tall, WR who is framed out similarly to the Jesse WRs who have come along before him. He is 6’3″ tall, with plenty of frame on which to hang more weight with a solid offseason. He has shown he has hands, can separate from the defense, and will use his length to shield defenders away from the football being thrown to him. He has one more thing coaches, fans, and pundits can’t ignore…pedigree.

HB Lyon, Scouting Director, KPGFootball

I would hate to be a WR in the Jesse clan. Can’t even imagine the pressure to perform commensurate with how the prior-Jesses have before produced.

Maurice (Dad), Reece, Jr., Aiden

Dad was a star on some of Craig Clayton’s very best teams in the 90s at Hoptown, brother is the career receptions and yards caught receiving record holder at Hoptown, and now Aiden has come along to play the same position, but cross-town at Christian County High.

Aiden is attempting to carve out his place, his role, in this football playing family. Good thing he’s a Jesse.

Aiden is a ’26 kid who reports being 6’3,” tall. That is an interesting report. Largely because his Dad is 6’4,” all day long; brother is 6’4″ and Aiden is as tall as either of them, perhaps a bit taller.

What Aiden may also possess is the greatest length among the three, the least finished frame among the three, and he may work, eventually, into the tallest of the three. The flower which blooms last often blooms longest. Aiden looks to be a late bloomer.

They are all fine athletes. Jesses only come one way…athletic as all get out.

Aiden Jesse has height, length, and a nose for both the ball and where to find the hole in the coverage

Friday Night Fletch

Aiden played on the Colonels’ team a year ago and caught 10-balls for 158-yards. Nearly 16-yards a reception is nothing at which to sneeze. Still, the Colonels have lured one of the KHSAA’s brightest, young, and successful program builders to Hopkinsville, Kentucky in Ethan Atchley.

Jesse, No. 19

Coach Atchley will refresh the offense. Young players will flourish in his schemes. Stars will emerge from places the casual fan will never expect.

We are telling you, as the foremost experts in High School football across Kentucky, to be on the lookout for the development of young Aiden Jesse. He’s ready to fully demonstrate how little distance the apple has fallen from its family tree.

Jesse’s prepared to grasp his Jesse-ness. Jesse will show, one and all in ’24, that Aiden is exactly what we always expected Aiden to become…another crowned jewel in the diadem of the WR position worn by another Jesse.

This is Friday Night Fletch, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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