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Chase Frakes, rifling up the board of '30 prospects

’30 RB/WR/DB quite versatile, quite an athlete

Chase Frakes has been making the rounds in MS, All-Star football circles. Not only that, but he is quite the Track & Field star. We have been focusing on versatility, this offseason, and this guy is setting the bar in his graduating class.

HB Lyon, Scouting Director, KPGFootball

Mount Washington, KY: It is hard to believe the ’28 class is entering the 9th-grade. Some of these guys will (no doubt) find the playing field under the “Friday Night Lights” as soon as this coming Fall.

Middle School Track & Field

Today we are featuring our first member of the ’30 graduating class. This kid is a fantastic athlete and very, very versatile.

He fits in very well with what we have been featuring this entire offseason. Chase Frakes is a student at Eastside Middle School in Mount Washington, Kentucky.

Frakes has made virtually all the MS all-star teams for which he has auditioned. Frakes has been invited to the prestigious FBU, Top Gun National Combine and has previously made the All-Camp team in prior outings.

Frakes believes he will enroll and play his high school football for the Bullitt East Chargers. He is playing presently on the Indy Select Sevens squad.

Frakes has made All-State in Track & Field. He long jumps 15’7.75,” runs the 100-meter in 13.30-seconds, and the 200-meter in 30.28-seconds. He is an 8.68-second, 60-meter guy.

Track times are NOT “Dad out in the backyard fudging the clock to make Junior’s sprint time appear fast“-times

Friday Night Fletch

Now track times are fully automated. This isn’t the Dad out in the backyard fudging the clock to make Junior’s sprint times look fast– time. These Track & Field times are legit.

The time easiest to convert to a recognized football related time is the 60-meter sprint. It has an easy conversion formula which is pretty darn accurate.

The formula is 60-meter time X .6096 = 40-yard dash time. All of these measurements in the formula make sense but we aren’t going to explain it, look it up on “Google” should you doubt us.

Taking into account the conversion formula, Chase Frakes is clipping off 40-yard dashes in 5.29 (or so) seconds, fully automated. You’re talking about a rising 7th grader running a hand held forty around 5-seconds flat. That is flying folks.

Frakes is slatted to play RB/WR/and DB. He isn’t just versatile off the field, he is a multi-phase contributor on it.

How about his being a long-jumper and a triple jumper. We call that characteristic explosiveness in case you were wondering.

Young Master Frakes looks like has quite a future ahead of him in the football department. He’s headed to one of the better programs in 6A football for High School, so it is fortunate he’s the type athlete he is.

Write this name down, folks. We will be hearing much more from this guy going forward.

This is Friday Night Fletch, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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