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Leelen Vanover already among KY's best, upfront, in the high school game

’27 OL can be plugged in to play either inside or outside along the OL

Leelen Vanover is among the very best, upfront, in the KHSAA in any of its eligible classes. He is 6’2,” weighs 280-pounds, and can play any of the five (5) OL slots in the high school game. He reminds one of UK’s Drake Jackson and is similarly built; playing center, like Jackson before him. One doesn’t see a ton of freshmen being relied upon, along the offensive line, for 7-5, 5A football teams. Then again, one doesn’t see many Leelen Vanover’s either. Enjoy this look at a guy whose name you will continue to hear, going forward, on the recruiting trail in the KHSAA.

HB Lyon, Scouting Director, KPGFootball

Vanover Hudl Highlights


Leelen Vanover has been ranked among KY’s top five OL in the ’27 graduating class. We assume, but really don’t know, that ranking is equally true among any of KY’s eligible classes competing in football in the KHSAA.

To assume otherwise is presupposing there are four (4) OL in the ’27 class throughout Kentucky better than Vanover from Madison Southern High. That would be a hard assumption for us to make. At least partly because we know that NOT to be true.

Madison Southern is a team in Berea, Kentucky which has fielded some mighty good teams in its history. Dane Jackson (North Texas) played there, as did Luke Stocker (Tennessee) and Damien Harris (Alabama).

Stocker and Harris rose to stardom in the NFL. The book is still out on Dane Jackson. Dane’s big-brother, Drake Jackson, was an all-conference performer for UK’s Wildcats a few years ago and is on the coaching staff now.

Vanover has the chance to be as good as any. Vanover can play offensive center, which is where most recruiters see him barring some late add in the height and length department.

Vanover has the chance to be as good as any

Friday Night Fletch

Vanover is 6’2,” and weighs 280-pounds. Vanover was a fixture this past season playing along the interior on a 7-5, 5A football program unaccustomed to relying on many freshmen for either roster talent or first-string, meaningful snaps.

Vanover didn’t disappoint. Vanover has quick feet, sets well in pass protection, and delivers a powerful punch directly to the opponent’s breast plate.

Vanover has good spacial quickness to make contact in downfield blocks and the length to get a paw on upfield rushes. Vanover maintains square shoulders and hips sufficient to get the door closed on pass rushers attempting to come up and under his block, crossing his face after having first attempted to “deek” him outside and up the field.

Vanover has one last characteristic which will make him coveted among college recruiters. Many athletes forget or attempt to deny the importance of this characteristic. Vanover carries a 4.0 GPA.

This guy is a primetime player along the offensive front in the High School game in any eligible graduating class. Vanover has the physical characteristics, athletic skill set, and classroom acuity to come off the board, like lightening, in the imminent, foreseeable future.

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