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Tigers Roar into '24

’25 athlete and two-phase player looms large for the Tigers ’24 fortunes

Amonti Marshall is an example of an athlete getting deployed where a team needs him in high school. The 5’8,” 170-pounder who runs a 4.6-forty and carries a 3.0 GPA plays QB/DB for the Tigers from Bardstown. The 315-pound bench presser with the 410-pound back squat and the 255-pound power clean led the team a year ago in passing, passing attempts, completions, completion percentage, and TD throws while being the team’s second leading rusher. He promises this and more next season as the Tigers launch an all-out assault on the 4A title.

HB Lyon, Scouting Director, KPGFootball

Marshall’s X-Account

Marshall’s Hudl Highlights

Marshall Broad Jumping

We enjoy studying the meaning of surnames around Kentucky Prep Gridiron. The surname “Marshall” is an interesting one especially in light of the skills of this particular person who plays for Bardstown High.

Marshall is a high official in the household of a medical king, prince, or nobleman. It usually denotes one in charge of a cavalry but also may be in charge of military forces. It may also denote a person who arranges and directs, like a quarterback, but is mostly a general officer of the highest military rank (again like a QB).

We looked this up on Wikipedia. This was not independent knowledge we plucked from mid-air, just so you know.

Our particular Marshall being feature here is the QB/DB at Bardstown High. He doesn’t figure to play QB, at the next level, though DB can’t be excluded.

I had a friend who wanted to move his son from High School A to High School B because, “High School A won’t play my son where he needs to be played to get recruited.” I thought this was poppycock.

Do you really think a college staff give a single damn about where a kid was deployed in High School? High Schools don’t have the access to athletes colleges do. High Schools have to deploy the athletes where the team needs them.

For instance, take Amonti Marshall, ’25 QB/DB from Bardstown High. Marshall is 5’8, weighs 170-pounds, and led the Tigers in ’23 in passing yards, attempts, completions, TDs-thrown, and was second in rushing.

Marshall will figure prominently in the offensive plans and defensive schemes of a 4A football team NationsElite has already forecast to follow up ’23’s 8-5 record with a top-five (5) finish in the upcoming ’24 season (See above).

Marshall put his multi-faceted talents on full display in ’23

Friday Night Fletch

Marshall put his multi-faceted talents on full display in ’23. The diminutive, 5’8,” playmaker gained 862-yards rushing from scrimmage in 142-carries for over six (6)-yards per rushing attempt. Marshall had 13-rushing TDs and was second on the team in scoring with 78-points.

Marshall completed over 54% of his passing attempts (51 for 94) for 953-yards passing with nine (9) TDs against four (4) picks. Did we mention he played defense?

Marshall registered 34-tackles from his DB-post. He registered nine (9) TFLs and a pair of sacks. That is quite a lot of production for a 4A team which finished 8-5 in ’23 and is forecast to finish in the top-5 in this coming season’s 4A, preseason poll.

Marshall has put in the work in the offseason. Marshall presses 315-pounds, squats 410, and power cleans 255-pounds. In addition to all of this, he carries a 3.0-GPA.

Marshall is one of those guys who will play at the collegiate level. Marshall just has too many athletic skill-sets not to find a home on Saturdays.

The level of his future collegiate home just depends on fit. We could this guy as a NAIA prospect unto Division I, FCS. What kind of player he develops into will be dependent on the amount of work he is willing to do.

If he finds a way to work as hard or harder than he has to date, he will make a very fine player for some lucky program.

This is Friday Night Fletch, reporting for KPGFootball, reminding you to PLAY THROUGH THE WHISTLE!

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